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How do I clean a nylon / fabric watch band?

Nylon / fabric watch straps are very durable. This material is therefore often used on sports watches.

If you want clean a watch strap nylon / fabric, here's how:

How to clean a nylon watch strap: the steps

To clean your nylon / fabric strap you will need soap, a cloth and an optional small brush.

You do the following:

1 - Humidifythe area to be cleaned or the entire bracelet,

2 - Cleanyour bracelet with white soap or Marseille soap,

3 - Scrubyour bracelet with your finger or a small brush,

4 - Dryquickly your bracelet with a cloth,

5 - Let dryyour bracelet in the open air

If you want to do more cleaning on your watch band, place it in a closed white or neutral cloth and put in a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Then let it air dry and your bracelet will come out like new! However, do not put your nylon strap in a dryer, as it may shrink.


Our nylon watch straps, by Charlie Paris

Our nylon bracelets Charlie Parisare ideal for a sporty watch or if you are looking to add a more casual touch to your outfit.

Whether you have an automatic watch or a quartz watch, all of our watch straps are interchangeable. All our bracelets can therefore be adapted to our French watches. according to your desires, for that you just have to change your watch strap. This system is ideal if you do not know exactlywhich watch strap to choose

Our sports, waterproof or even diving watches are most often associated with a nylon strap. Our steel and Milanese mesh bracelets can also go in the water. You can easily adjust yourMilanese mesh braceletas well as your steel bracelet for whichyou just have toremove the links from your steel watch. Even though these bracelets are waterproof, you can clean your steel watch strap to take care of your watch. However, thanks to our interchangeable straps you can give a more elegant appearance to your watch by associating it with a ostrich leather bracelet for example. Nowadays, different types of leather have emerged such as vegan leatheror ostrich leather which is a supple and exotic leather. Even if water is to be avoided for leather, it is important to clean your leather watch band in order to maintain it well. About our watch straps we use thevegetable and chrome tanning, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

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