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Article: How to clean a nylon watchstrap?

Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre en nylon/tissu ?

How to clean a nylon watchstrap?

To clean your nylon strap you will need soap, a cloth and an optional small brush.
You proceed as follows:

1 - Humidify the area to be cleaned or the entire strap,

2 - Clean your strap with white soap or Marseille soap,

3 - Rub your strap with your finger or a small brush,

4 - Dry your strap quickly with a cloth,

5 - Let your strap dry in the open air

If you wish to do a more thorough cleaning on your watchstrap, place it in a closed white or neutral cloth and put it in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Then let it air dry and your fabric strap will come out looking like new! However, do not put your nylon strap in a dryer, as it may shrink.

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