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Article: How does a battery-free watch work?

Comment fonctionne une montre sans pile ?

How does a battery-free watch work?

In this article, we will show you how a battery-free watch works and we will offer you a selection of automatic battery-free watches by Charlie Paris. First, we will answer some common questions so that you understand what a battery-less watch is.

What is a battery-free watch called and how does it work?

To simplify, we can separate watches into two main categories:

- Battery-powered watches called "quartz men's watches" or "electronic watches"

- Watches without battery, called "mechanical watches" or "automatic watches"

You will have understood that when we talk about battery-free watches, we are actually referring to automatic watches. As the name suggests, a mechanical watch is powered by mechanical energy. Conversely, a quartz watch works electronically with the help of a battery. In addition, among the watches without battery we also find the solar watches.  These watches are powered by the energy of the sun. At Charlie, our solar watches work thanks to their invisible solar panel placed under their dial, so their autonomy is unlimited.

How does a watch work without battery? 

As its name indicates, a mechanical watch works thanks to mechanical energy. A mechanical watch is a watch whose operation is based on a mechanical movement, which consists of a barrel spring, an escapement, a regulating organ, etc. A manual mechanical watch is operated by hand winding. Conversely, an automatic watch is a mechanical watch but the winding is done automatically.  Mechanical watches are appreciated for the beauty of their mechanism and their horological complications. They are very popular with collectors who are particularly fond of their technical prowess.

How do you recognize a watch without a battery?

To recognize a mechanical watch, you can look at the back of your watch.

  • If the back is transparent and you can see the movement of the watch, it is a mechanical watch. If it has an oscillating weight that moves when you move the watch, it is an automatic mechanical watch.
  • If the case back is full, we don't recommend opening your watch to see the movement inside, as you may damage it.

But Charlie Paris shares with you his tips to know if a watch is mechanical or quartz without touching it! Observe the movement of the seconds hand on the dial. If it is regular, without jerks, it is a mechanical movement. If each second is marked by a stop of the hands, then a restart, it is a quartz watch.

Our top 5 battery-free watches Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, it is important for us to offer you French watches with a good quality-price ratio and we offer many models without battery. Women's watches as well as men's watches are all designed and assembled in France.

  1. Initial Open Heart automatic battery-free watch 

Designed, conceived and assembled in France, the Initial Cœur Ouvert offers its automatic mechanical movement the most beautiful role. Its dial reveals the elegant workings of the movement in addition to displaying the hours, minutes, seconds and 24-hour counter. It combines modern elegance and casual refinement to the delight of watch lovers. 

      2. GR automatic battery-free watch

Designed and assembled in France, the GR - Grande Randonnée - is a waterproof 10ATM men's watch that stands the test of time and nature. With its automatic movement, it presents a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporting character. 

     3. Battery-free Initial Calendar automatic watch

Designed, conceived and assembled in France, the Initial Calendrier gives its complications their finest role. In its 40mm steel case, it gives the time but also the complete calendar through its hour, minute, second, date, day of the week and month functions. The roundness of its case and the straightness of its attributes form a very harmonious contrast on its white or blue dial. 

     4. Battery-free Solar watch (unisex)

Designed, conceived and assembled in France, our solar watch Charlie Paris is a watch which functions thanks to the energy of the sun thanks to its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, its autonomy is thus unlimited.

     5. Initial 36 Automatic battery-free watch for women 

Designed, conceived and assembled in France, the Initial 36 - Skeleton offers its automatic movement the most beautiful role. Its open heart dial reveals the elegant workings of the movement for a perfect balance between intense beauty and watchmaking mechanics. This automatic watch for women is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal case back allowing to admire at leisure the caliber whose oscillating weight is signed Charlie Paris.

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