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The guide to watchmaking complications

The guide to watchmaking complications-Charlie Paris

Watch complication, our guide to see more clearly

Date, tourbillon in a watch, chronograph... Looking for your new watch, you have to cross these technical terms, but what do they mean?

Definition of a watchmaking complication

The primary function of a watch is to give the time, but figure that many watches, including the men's automatic watches and women's automatic watches, have other functions! For example, a watch can give the date, display its power reserve, be integrated into a chronograph... complications of the watch

The main watch complications

  • The date

This is the display of the date on your ride. The date may be a simple date, or a perpetual date. For a simple date, you will have to set the date when the month does not include 31 days. The perpetual date on the other hand allows the display of the date taking into account every day of the month, as well as leap years.

ToCharlie Paris, all our watches manhave a calendar. In addition to being a useful complication, the calendar really gives a more aesthetic to your wrist. We also have the model Initial Calendar, which will give you the date and the day and the month.

show man

  • The whirl

Invented by Breguet in 1801, the aim of the tourbillon is to improve the precision of mechanical watches. Indeed, the movements of the wrist unbalance the balance. The tourbillon corrects these imbalances by imposing a rotation of one revolution per minute on the entire movement.

We have not yet developed a tourbillon watch, but we recently created the open heart watch

heartbeat open heart watch

  • The chronograph

The chronograph measures the duration of an event, task or activity. It is also a real aesthetic asset to your watch. The chronograph is often confused with the chronometer. The chronometer actually designates a watchmaking movement whose accuracy is certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Control of Chronometers).

To allow you to measure all your events,Charlie Paris offers you his Horizon chronograph watch

show chronograph

  • The power reserve

The power reserve complication means how long your automatic watch will work without being worn.

Every ourautomatic watches all have a power reserve of about 40 hours. The model Initial Reserve of March has the power reserve complication.

power reserve watch

  • GMT

As explained in this article, GMT means "Greenwich Mean Time," because it was in the 19th century that Flemming decided to cut the globe into 24 time zones all annexed to the Greenwich meridian. The GMT complication adds a hand to your watch, giving you GMT time, which is very convenient for people travelling internationally!automatic man watch

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