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Clean and maintain his watch carefully, our advice

How to clean and maintain my watch so that it retains its shine? To keep your watch for many years, it must be cleaned and maintained with care! Charlie Paris reveals his advice to you so that you can keep your watch as long as possible. Maintaining your automatic or battery-powered watch is not necessarily easy. How to clean your glass? his bracelet? its case? We answer all these questions through this article.

  1. Taking care of your automatic or quartz watch, the first steps

  2. How to maintain your watch?

  3. How to clean your watch strap?


1. Maintain your automatic or quartz watch, the first steps:

  • Your watch must be worn: an automatic or quartz watch should not stay several years at the bottom of the drawer. Watches, especially automatic, are made to be in motion. Wear your watches at least three times a year to avoid damaging the mechanism.
  • Avoid shocks: your watch is a jewel. Even though the sapphire crystal of your watch is designed to prevent irreversible damage to your dial, it is best to avoid any form of shock that could harm the mechanism of your watch.
  • Regularly clean your watch:To properly maintain your watch, clean your dial regularly. Preferably use a soft cloth. You can also use a little soap, but be careful to check that your watch is waterproof.
  • Take care of your watch:do not wear your watch to swim, exercise, or in the shower. In addition to the risk of damaging your dial, you risk damaging its mechanism, if it is an automatic watch.


2. How to maintain my watch?

  • Regularly clean your dial with a slightly damp cloth: this will keep the shine of your watch for as long as possible.
  • Maintain the water resistance of your watch: depending on the model you have, you will need to check the water resistance of your watch. If you have theConcordia, your watch is perfectly waterproof. Please screw the crown on properly before each swim, otherwise the mechanism may be damaged.
  • For a quartz watch, the maintenance of your watch involves changing the battery: as soon as the latter is empty, it must be changed, otherwise the mechanism will be damaged.
  • For a automatic watch, keep the movement going:an automatic watch requires an overhaul by a watchmaker every five years or so (for more information, do not hesitate to read ourFaq). Indeed, over time, the frictionbetween the parts will eventually foul the movement, and degrade its operation. Thecleaningof the mechanism is meticulous, and must necessarily go through a professional watchmaker.
  • For a solar watch:If possible, try not to let your battery run down completely. Expose your watch to the sun for a few minutes every day, and it will work continuously for many years to come!


3. How to clean my watch strap?

  • Choose the right bracelet: there are leather, steel and nylon bracelets. Charlie watches are designed to be able to accompany you on a daily basis, regardless of your clothing style, thanks to its system ofinterchangeable bracelets
  • Leather watch strap: use a soft, slightly moistened brush to gently degrease the strap. Remember to dry the bracelet with a dry cloth, then at room temperature. Leather bracelets have a very dressy style, ideal for chic and dressy outfits. However, these bracelets are difficult to maintain, and very sensitive to water and heat. For summer, we advise you to opt for a nylon strap, or a steel strap.
  • Nylon watch strap: very sporty and relaxed, the nylon strap can accompany you faithfully all summer. Maintaining your watch strap will be easy, you just need to clean it with soap and water.
  • Steel watch strap: clean your strap with a cloth and soap. Remember to dry everything with a dry cloth.


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