How to remove the links from a steel watch?

How to remove the links from a steel watch?-Charlie Paris

Have you finally managed to choose your watch strap but your steel strap is too big? No worries, you can always adjust the bracelet to your size. Whether it is a automatic watch or a quartz watch, the links of a steel watch are removed in the same way. In this article, we'll explain how to do this.

  1. How to remove the links from a barbet to show steel?
  2. Adjustment at the folding clasp of your steel watch strap
  3. How to remove the links between mount Aurore
  4. Steel watch strap, by Charlie Paris 


1. How do I remove the links from a steel watch strap?

If it is really necessary to remove one or more links, a little manipulation is required. This is not necessarily easy and several tools are required, we advise you to go to a watchmaker to avoid damaging your watch.

If you still want to do it yourself, here are the tools you need:

  • a fairly fine pin punch(1mm man bracelet 0.8mm woman bracelet)
  • a small hammer
  • long nose pliers(optional)
  • a support where to place the watch

You will then need to follow these steps:

  1. Place the bracelet at the edge, on the watch stand.
  2. Look inside the bracelet to find the direction of the arrows. They will show you the direction to bring out the pins. The pin to be removed must be pushed from top to bottom, so you have to place the pin of it in front of one of the holes in the support.
  3. Place the tip of the pin punch in the axle then give small knocksdry hammer. The pin should come out from below. Remove it completely, using pliers if necessary. The link should then come free.
  4. To reassemble your bracelet, put the links back together, then take the pin and place it in the opposite direction of the arrowsso that the disassembly direction remains the same. Gently tap the pin with the hammer to avoid damaging your watch.

There you go, your bracelet is adjusted!


2. Adjustment at the folding clasp of your steel watch strap

Before removing a link, check that it is not enough to simply adjust the strap of your watch to the level of the folding clasp.Here we show you how to adjust the size of the folding clasp.


3. How to remove the links from our Aurore watch

And on our watch for women Aurore, we have developed a bracelet system that allows you to remove the steel links from your Aurore watch without tools. We let you discover how to do it in this video:

Unless you are between two sizes and at this time, the principle for changing the links of your Aurore watch is the same as for our second video.

If it is not clear or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at we will be happy to help you!


4. Steel watch strap, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we offerinterchangeable watch strapsto allow you to change bracelet and style as you wish. The Aurore watch for women, both waterproof and elegant, has a steel strap. Even though steel bracelets are waterproof, you can clean your steel bracelet to keep it better.

If you haveaMilanese steel or rose gold mesh wristwatch, know that you can alsoadjust your Milanese mesh braceletby hand according totheyour wrist size.

We invite you to visit our website to discover all our other bracelets such as our leather bracelets from vegetable and mineral tanning. Even if we don't use vegan leather, mineral leather is more environmentally friendly than leather from chrome tanning. Water on leather is generally not recommended, but you can clean your leather strap like our ostrich leather strap to keep it as best you can. However, if you have a waterproof watch, the nylon strap is the most suitable. This type of bracelet is best suited to go in the water or play sports. You can also clean your nylon strap when you feel it is necessary.

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