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Mechanical show vs. quartz watch: differences, advantages and disadvantages

Automatic watch vs quartz watch

What are the technical specificities of these two types of watches?

Mechanical display or rather quartz watchManual or automatic lifting? When it comes to choosing his watch, two schools seem to oppose.

Small tour to help you see it more clearly.


Although they only appeared late (in 1969 with the Seiko 35SQ), quartz watches are today the most widespread. Their operation is relatively simple: a thin quartz slat is swinged by the electric pulse of a stack. It is this small impulse that then allows needles to rotate regularly.

The advantages of a quartz watch

  • Precision: unbeatable! Quartz watches have a precision of about a few seconds per month
  • Resistance: less fragile than mechanical movements, quartz resist shocks and vibrations better and are therefore more suitable for sporting and domestic activities
  • The price: very affordable
  • Thickness: quartz movements are thinner

His only downside?
Its durability due to the change of stack. The stack of a quartz watch at a lifetime of about two years, depending on the use and energy consumption of the movement. The mechanical watch it will last longer.

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difference mechanical watches and watches Quartz


Mechanical watches are highly prized by watch connoisseurs and collectors, who appreciate the technical prowess and beauty of the mechanism.

Mechanical watches are distinguished between manual reassembly watches and automatic reassembly watches.

Manual reassembly: In the same way that your grandfather handed his pendulum over time with a key lap, a manual reassemble watch need to be reassembled regularly by turning the crown to work.

Automatic reassembly: an automatic watch can be traced back to the movements of its owner's wrist through a half-disk that turns on its axis. If you do not wear your automatic watch daily, you can use a remontrend that will charge itself with “squeezing” your watch for you, unless you prefer to manually pull it up by turning the crown.

The advantages of a mechanical watch

  • Display: The needle movement is more fluid and linear than on quartz watches, where the trotter performs small jumps.
  • The case: our watches Initial let their coils and the finesse of the mechanism appear through a transparent sapphire glass background.
  • Sustainability: a well-maintained mechanical watch will follow you for several generations.

His little drawbacks?
A mechanical watch is more sensitive to shocks than a quartz watch, and requires regular maintenance (every 3 to 5 years). In terms of accuracy, a shift of more or less four minutes per month in advance/delay can be measured. Main obstacle before cracking for a mechanical watch: its price.

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Mechanical display vs quartz watch

You will therefore have understood that the quartz watch has undeniable practical advantages while the mechanical watch is more recognized for the nobility of its mechanics, a legacy of craft tradition and watchmaking know-how. At home Charlie Paris, we are making every effort to help you find LA Made in France who corresponds to you and who will accompany you for many years. For this we have created for you sports watches, des citadin watches, passing through chronograph watches !

mechanic watch

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