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How many times a day the needles of a watch overlap?

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On a day the minutes of minutes, hours and seconds are brought to overlap, but you have already asked how many times a day the needles of a watch overlap? This question comes out of the ordinary and that's why we decided to interest ourselves there.You must surely know that the needles overlap at noon and at midnight stack, but do you know when this situation breeds? Today, Team Charlie decided to answer this question.

  1. How many times a day the needles of a watch overlap?

  2. Why are needles do not meet at 11:55?


1. How many times a day the needles of a watch overlap?

If some want to respond instinctively as the number of hours in the day, it's not about the exact answer. Even if it is tempting to think that every hour the needles come together you will see that the answer is quite different. In reality, the needles of a watch overlap 22 times. Before giving you an explanation, you can view a watch dial to guide you. The needles of an automatic watch or quartz overlapping to:

  • 12:00
  • 1H05
  • 2h10
  • 3:15
  • 4H20
  • 5:25
  • 6H30
  • 7:35
  • 8:40
  • 9:45
  • And 10:50

The needles overlap at the hours above and this situation is repeated twice, once in the morning and once in day / evening. The needles overlap twice a day. This figure corresponds to the coincidence twice daily of the clocks of the watch. You can point out that at 11:55 the needles do not overlap. Indeed, at this time, the hours needle moves around 12h, when the minute hand is at 11 o'clock.


2. Why are needles do not meet at 11:55?

Concretely the needles do not really overlap at 1:05, 2:10, 3,15, etc. Indeed, when the hour needle arrives at 1, five minutes, later, that of minutes arrives at 1. But the needle of hours and minutes do not meet quite since the needle of hours will be displaced from 1/2 of the distance between 1 and 2.

As a result, the exact time of meeting of the two needles actually occurs a little after 1h05. The same situation occurs for other hours when the needles overlap as shown above: at 2:10, 3:15, 4:20, and so on. It is finally this cumulative offset that leads to 11 hours, the minute hand meets that of the hours at 12. Thus, over a period of 12 hours, the overlapping of the needles will take place only 11 times. More specifically, if we do not take into account this cumulative offset, the needles overlap every 1 hour and 5, 454 545 minutes.

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