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Who invented the watch and in what year?

premiere watch

Who's the origin of the first watch?



Beforethe first watch It was not easy to have an idea of the time, it was necessary to wait to go to a city to consult the only clock hung on the bell tower.


While I’clock has existed since the 13th only from the 16th century did the miniaturization of the latter work to becomethe first watchesIt should be mentioned, however, that the first watch could not have been invented without the engine spring, a metal ribbon that stores energy and restores it by gradually relaxing. By relaxing it trains a wheeling system that allows needles to rotate on the dial. The spring thus replaces the weights and pulleys that allowed clocks of the time to function.
The first attempts were inconclusive, the watches deregulated after a week. That is why it was necessary to waitPeter Henlein in the 16th century towards 1510, more specifically for the first man watch and the first woman watchsee the day. Far from resembling the watches that are currently worn, they were designed to stay in pockets and possessed an egg shape and not a relatively flat disc adapting to our wrists like those of today. We called these first watches thenuremberg eggs, in line with the origins of its creator, Peter Henlein. Gradually, they flattened themselves and took the name of the pod watches, the pod being the name given to the pocket intended for this purpose.

The jewelry watches

The watch democratized with women initially by adapting to their collars, then in the 19th century, miniaturizing itself as a ring. Read the time when the watch was hung on their necks was not most practical, torticolis was almost assured. You'll have understood it. watch was used by women more as a fashion accessory than a real time measurement tool.

Bracelet watches

The first bracelet watch was born in the late 16th century, when the Count of Leicester had the idea of hanging a wristband to a watch to offer it to Queen Elizabeth Ire. At the end of the XIXeme century the bracelet watch begins to adopt itself because is significantly more practical than the watches worn around the neck. However, this accessory remains almost exclusively for women, as the wristwatch is considered too effeminate by men of the time. It will be necessary to wait for the Boer War (1899-1902) and the First World War for the bracelet watch or adopted by Men. The wristwatch has demonstrated its practice during the fighting and therefore is a keen craze.

Manual reassemblement, automatic watch and watch at Quartz

The first watches were naturally manual reassembly watches. Each day it was necessary to go up his watch to re-roll the spring and thus allow the watch to function. The automatic reassembled mechanical watch (named during its creation perpetual watch) was created in 1778 thanks to Abrahal Louis Perrelet, so no need to reassemble his watch every night! This mechanism remains a technical prowess for the time but does not develop. It is only in the 20th century with the arrival of the wristwatch that the man automatic watch and the woman automatic watchdemocratize and adopt themselves in all watchmaking. The first watch at Quartz (pile show) was created by Seiko in 1969, this technology allows for increased accuracy of watches and is a true revolution in the world of clockwork.


To know all the differences between the mechanical watchesand the quartz watches, click here



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