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Learn about watch 'standby'

Each mechanical meter, whether manual or automatic, needs to be reassembled at some point. For manual winding of mechanical meters, it must be rolled once a day If you want to buy an automatic watch, you have to pull it up.If we don't wear it every day. Not all watches are on line at the same time, which is due to the standby state of the watch. But what is the backup power supply? Don't worry. Today Charlie Paris team will explain it to you and introduce you to the pedestrian reserve.

  1. What is a backup power supply?
  2. Backup indicator: a good watch complication
  3. Our beautiful watch, designed by Charlie Paris, our watch brand


one What is a backup power supply?

In the watch making industry, manual or automatic wringing watches are driven by the energy provided by spring tension, rather than battery driven like quartz watches. Therefore, unlike a watch using batteries, a spare watch is only suitable for mechanical watches. The mechanism will stop when the watch does not move up or out of range. Therefore, watches must have a working reserve, that is, for a period of time, the mechanism can continue to operate independently. Manual winding of the mechanical watch needs to be wound every day to work. As for the automatic watch, it is charged by your wrist movement, but if you don't wear it every day, you have to pull it up and charge it. All automatic or manual lifting watches, if not raised or worn, will stop after a period of time. So, what is reserve? Standby operation time refers to the time when the mechanical watch mechanism can continue to operate without rising or wearing under the condition of automatic watch. Standby indicates the remaining time before the mechanical meter stops. let me put it another way,Walking reserve matches the autonomy of watches-Yes. Depending on the model of the watch, standby time can vary from ten hours to a few days. The most common case is that the machine watch has a standby time of about 40 hours.

Technically, travel reserve refers to the duration of the tabulation movement when the spring of the drum is raised to the maximum.(2) . when the operation standby is exhausted, the mechanism stops working and the watch stops working. In recent years, several watchmakers, including luxury watch brands, have been developing sizes that offer higher pedestrian reserves. For example, some brands offer a few days, up to 31 days or 80 hours of walking reserve. At present, the record provides 80 hours of standby time.


2. standby indicator: a good watch complication

The main function of watches is to provide time, but watchmakers always try to improve their sports design. To do this, they designed complex watches, which specify other features in addition to displaying time, minutes and seconds. This type of watch is called "complex watch". Although the complexity of watches is aesthetic in nature, some watches are useful in daily life, such as spare watches. aboutA standby running indicator that tells you how long you have before your mechanical watch stops working.-Yes. This complex clock tells you the time from when your watch recovers to when it stops. The standby light allows you to know the remaining life of your watch before you re install it. To help you, you can view and compare the trip reserve indicator with the dipstick.

Now that you know the purpose of the walking reserve indicator, we will focus on one aspect that cannot be ignored, its aesthetics. In most cases, the standby run indicator is shown on the dial, but it can also be seen on the back of the watch. This choice can be purely technical, depending on the structure of the movement, or purely aesthetic, to lighten the side of the watch. However, the front and back display modes are still quite similar. In the most common case, the standby operation indicator is displayed by a pointer indicating the level of a circle part of the meter. Visually, you are very close to the display of the car's oil level. The circle part represents the level from "full" to "empty" by hour, day or simply. The walking reserve indicator is elegant and practical, which is a very attractive complex situation. If you really need your watch to do your activities, and you want to make sure your watch is in the best working condition, then the spare indicator is a very useful complication. In fact, when the spare indicator of a watch approaches zero, it soon loses accuracy and falls behind.


six Our beautiful watch is designed by our watch brand Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we designed, designed and assembled a watch with a spare monitor. This complexity can be achieved through our collection of Men's Watch Automatic initial standby power supply. Our Charlie Paris watch brand offers this kind of self winding mechanical watch with dial blue or white-Yes. Classic and modern design Men's Automatic Watch I'll be with you for many years. With the initial market reserves, we hope to convey our passion for tabulation to you by providing you with a complex automatic model, a clean production line and high-quality parts at a democratic price. In addition to the hour, minute, second and date functions, you can also find two counters, which show the standby time of the watch at the top (i.e. 40 hours) and 24 hours at the bottom. Each initial standby men's watch is assembled near Besancon, France, with the automatic movement function of citizen Miyota calibre 9132. We are committed to providing you with high quality watches, which is why we use high quality materials such as ultra-high strength and anti reflective sapphire glass, as well as 316L stainless steel. This cool, modern, sharp watch makes our original walking reserve series a safe value for any occasion.

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Market reserve

Market reserve