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Article: Understanding the "power reserve" of a watch

Understanding the "power reserve" of a watch

The power reserve is the length of time a watch movement can run when its barrel spring is wound to its maximum. When the power reserve is exhausted, the mechanism stops working and the watch stops. In other words, the power reserve is the autonomy of your mechanical watch. Depending on the watch model, the power reserve can vary from a dozen hours to several days. Most often, the power reserve of an automatic mechanical watch is about forty hours of autonomy. 

The power reserve indicator: a beautiful watchmaking complication

The initial function of a watch is to tell the time, but they are sometimes equipped with additional complications that can be both functional and aesthetic. Among these complications, there is the power reserve indicator that shows how much time your mechanical watch has left before it stops. The power reserve indicator lets you know how much time your watch has left before you have to wind it. Most often, the power reserve indicator is displayed with a hand that indicates the level of autonomy of the watch on a portion of a circle. Visually, it is very similar to the fuel level display in a car. The circle portion is graduated in hours, days or simply indicates a level from "full" to "empty".  Both elegant and practical, the power reserve indicator is a very attractive complication.

The Initial Réserve de Marche, our watch with power reserve indicator

At Charlie Paris, we have designed a watch with a power reserve indicator. We offer this automatic watch with a blue or white dial. With its quality components and classic yet contemporary design, this men's automatic watch will last for many years.  In addition to the hour, minute, second and date functions, you'll find two counters, the top one indicating the watch's power reserve (which is 40 hours) and the bottom one indicating 24 hours. Our French men's Initial Réserve de Marche watch is available in a Day/Night version with a blue dial. 

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