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How does an automatic watch work?

How does an automatic watch operate? Charlie Paris

How does an automatic watch work? What are its specificities?

To fully understand how an automatic watch or an automatic movement works, one must first understand what this type of watch consists of.

What is a movement?

Movementis the mechanism that allows a watch to function. ToCharlie Paris, we supply to Citizen, a Japanese factory formost of our automatic watches.Major Swiss watch brands generally own their own manufacture, which is why their prices are very high. 

For our watches, we use two large families ofmovement :

  • Movements in Quartzwhich are simple mechanisms and work with a stack. We use Quartz movements for watches in our women's collection (Aurore, Sully, Monceau) and for our men's watches (Bastille, Horizon, Concordia and GR).
  • Automatic mechanical movements, use wheels and springs to operate with kinetic energy. That is, the energy that a body possesses because of its energies.automatic watchis more complex to manufacture and design. It is the favourite of lovers and collectors of watches. They prove a real know-how.Our watch automatiqueInitial works thanks to this type of movement.


Components of an automatic movement watch

To fully understand how a watch that has an automatic movement works, you first need to learn more about its main components!

Its main components are:

  • The rotor: it is the oscillating mass of the mechanism. In clear it is a weight in the form of a semicircle attached to the movement. It rotates at 360 ° according to the movements of the wrist and allows thanks to a series of mechanisms, to raise the barrel spring thus providing mechanical energy to the watch.
  • The crown: This is the small wheel on the right side of your watch. It is fixed to the shaft of the winder and is used to raise the motor spring.
  • The spring of Barillet: It is a strip of elastic steel which provides the energy necessary for the movement when it is armed, that is to say tensioned.
  • The transmission system (gear train): It transmits the accumulated energy in the barrel spring to the exhaust wheel via a series of small wheels.
  • Exhaust wheel: its function is to allow the energy conveyed by the wheels to the anchor to escape intermittently and regularly. It is the maintenance organ of the watch.
  • The balance: This is the heart of the movement. It beats between 5 and 10 times per second in a circular manner. It is he who is at the origin of the "tic-tac," noise produced by the pallets on the teeth of the exhaust wheel, because of its back and forth movement. It is the regulator of movement. It is he who will determine the frequency of an automatic watch.
  • Rubies: They are stones of great hardness which make it possible to reduce friction and wear of the components of the mechanism.


How workan automatic movement watch

Now that you know the main components of mechanical movement perfectly, how does it actually work?

Here are the six main steps to better understand how your watch's hands rotate:

  1. The movements of the wrist make the Rotor and thus go back to the barrel spring. The reassembly can also be done by turning the Crown ;
  2. The transmission system transfers energy to exhaust wheel ;
  3. Exhausts dose energy in regular sections;
  4. The Balance Uses this regular energy to beat back and forth consistently;
  5. With each series of beats, a series of wheels transfer the energy to the Needles Watch;
  6. The hands move on the dial.

Our Initial automatic watch includes a balance that recharges the barrel spring with wrist movements. Thus, if the watch is worn regularly, it will not need to be reassembled manually.

An automatic watch has a nice aesthetic advantage. Indeed, the seconds hand does not jump one second but many more small jumps. The whole thing is more linear.

how an automatic watch works

Automatic watch operation


How an automatic watch works

At Charlie Paris, our mission is to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and Responsible manufacturing. Our watches are "Made in France" because they are designed, designed and assembled and France with high quality components. We offer French watches for Man and for Wife with different levels of waterproofing and with quartz or Automatic. Do you have any questions? Our team is available by email to or by phone at09 67 41 12 37.

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