How to set the time on your watch?

Many of you wear a Charlie Paris watch, but when the time change comes, you wonder how to set the time on your watch. We will explain in this article and video how to change the time of your watch. For a quartz men's watch as for an automatic watch, the process is the same to set the time. 

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.  You know you are in position 2 when the second hand stops turning.
  2. Turn the crown to set the time as desired.
  3. When you are done, press the crown to position 0. Make sure that the crown is locked in place, as it is the crown that guarantees the water resistance of your watch.

Comment régler l' heure sur une montre

If, like our Concordia dive watch, your watch uses a screw-in crown, please follow the same instructions as above, except that you must unscrew the crown from your watch before you can pull the crown out and set the time. To make sure you don't damage the screw-in thread and your watch, when you screw it back in, take this simple precaution: using your thumb and forefinger, press the crown against the screw-in thread and turn it down (counterclockwise). After a while you will hear and feel a "click" which means that the crown is well engaged, you can then screw it in (clockwise) with peace of mind.