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Article: Watch for a small wrist, our selection to make the right choice

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Watch for a small wrist, our selection to make the right choice

The watch is an essential accessory, so it is important to choose it well, especially when you have thin wrists. Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you its advice on how to choose a watch for small wrists, whether it is a women's watch or a men's watch.

How to choose a watch for a small wrist? 
  • The diameter and thickness of the watch case: Regardless of the size of one's wrist, when choosing a women's watch or a men's watch, beyond its primary function of telling the time, one also chooses a fashion accessory in order to complete and perfect an outfit. Thus, the respect of proportions plays a great role in the creation of a harmonious whole. There are certain benchmarks to rely on such as the diameter and thickness of the watch. The diameter of a watch case determines how much space your watch takes up visually. If you have thin wrists, it is important to choose a watch with a diameter adapted to your wrist size. To do this, measure your wrist with a tape measure. To help you if you are in doubt, a woman's wrist circumference is generally between 14 and 18 cm, while a man's is generally between 15 and 19 cm. We advise men with thin wrists to stick to a watch diameter of less than 40mm.  Once you have found a watch model with the right diameter for your small wrist, don't forget to take into account the thickness of your watch. Even if the case diameter is reasonable, a watch can be quite bulky. Quartz women's watches are generally thinner than automatic women's watches that work without batteries.
  • Take into account the shape of the case for a watch adapted to a small wrist: The shape of the watch case is also an element to take into account when looking for a watch for a thin wrist. Indeed, some watches appear larger than others according to their shape. A watch with large lugs (refers to the part where the strap is attached) will produce a bulky effect. If you do your research, you will find that watches come in different shapes: rectangular, round, square, oval... A watch will not have the same effect on the wrist depending on whether it is round or rectangular. The shape of a watch is also related to its thickness and diameter, so there is no general rule. However, a round watch is easier to wear than a square watch which is often more massive. As you can see, if you have small wrists, round watches are best. However, if you want a square watch, choose a watch with a "cushion" shape, i.e. a watch that crushes the angles of the case and then appears smaller. 
  • The size of the strap: Generally, the size of the strap goes hand in hand with the size of the watch. We find thinner and narrower straps on watch models with a small diameter and vice versa. However, this is not always the case and some watch models can be found with cases that are correct in size, but straps that are too big. To produce a harmonious whole, the proportions must be right. If the size of the strap is related to the size of the watch, there are strap materials that will produce a thicker or thinner effect. For example, a smooth leather watch strap is thinner and softer than a grained leather strap. Visually, this type of leather produces a less massive strap and allows you to maintain the overall harmony of your watch. In any case, don't worry, at Charlie Paris we offer French watches with interchangeable straps. Our watch straps are easily changed thanks to their flash pump system and we offer a wide choice of colors and materials. This system allows you to change your watchstrap at the rhythm of your desires and prevents you from ruining your entire watch because of a bad choice of strap.
  • The design of the watch, an element to take into account when you have a small wrist: Apart from the case and the strap, a watch is composed of other elements such as a crown, a bezel or buttons that contribute to its design. The presence of these elements can overload the watch and give it a more massive appearance despite the thinness of its case and its strap. On a small wrist, the complications and elements seem totally disproportionate. The design of these elements can produce a watch that is more imposing than it really is. It is therefore best to choose watches with a fairly simple and uncluttered design. Generally speaking, the simplest watches are perfect on thin wrists.

Our selection of watches suitable for a small wrist, for women and men

  • Sully Rose gold or Steel 

Designed, engineered and assembled in France, the Sully perfectly embodies the spirit of the house with its clean lines and elegant, contemporary design. This women's watch is equipped with a quartz movement, perfectly housed in a case of great finesse. Sparkling and precious, rose gold and steel give a refined character to this watch, which is sleek yet confident in its timeless lines and proportions. 

  • The rose gold or steel solar watch 

Designed, conceived and assembled in France, the Solaire Charlie Paris watch is powered by the sun's energy and offers a design that is both classic and contemporary. This watch seduces for its apparent sobriety which, under a case of great finesse, hides an amazing complexity.  Indeed, thanks to its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, its autonomy is unlimited. The Solaire watch displays a modern elegance and a casual refinement for the greatest pleasure of lovers of discreet objects.

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