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Article: How to start a watch collection?

montre automatique homme

How to start a watch collection?

You like beautiful watches and you want to start a watch collection? There is no age to start this collection. Some people start buying their first watches as children and others develop this passion for beautiful watches a little later. Either way, you can start collecting watches now. But becoming a watch collector is not that simple, you need to find the right pieces so you don't regret them later and above all you need to have some knowledge. Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you its best advice to start a watch collection.

1. Choose a watch that you like: Choose to buy for pleasure rather than for investment

To find a watch worth collecting, the golden rule is that you like it. Do not focus on the resale value of the watch, which is not guaranteed. Some models will go up, some will go down, and some will stay down. In any case, only buy pieces that you want to wear and don't just look at the financial aspect. Indeed, keep in mind that a collector's watch must be a purchase of the heart. Obviously, before buying it, we advise you to take time to think about it but you must be convinced by the watch model you choose. You can ask your friends and family for their opinion, but don't forget that you are the one who will be wearing the watch.

2. Set a budget and stick to it

To set a budget, have a realistic idea of how much you want to and can spend. Price is one criterion that will help narrow down the number of offers. You will also enjoy your watch more knowing that you have not spent an amount far beyond your means. If your budget doesn't allow you to buy new, don't hesitate to buy your watch on the second hand market. If you have a small budget, we advise you to start your collection with quartz watches and then gradually move upmarket. You can start a watch collection without necessarily going for an automatic watch. Also, if you buy a valuable watch, don't forget to think about where you will store it. Don't buy a watch by default. For example, if you have a particular watch model in mind for your collection but your budget does not allow you to acquire it, do not buy a consolation watch just because it looks a little like the watch you initially coveted. In this case, we advise you to save your money rather than buy a replacement watch that will not give you the same pleasure as the original.

3. Stay open and focus on an eclectic watch collection

The most interesting watch collections are those that are not limited to one type of watch. To do this, broaden your horizons and stay open to new possibilities. Indeed, do not be exclusive in your choices by wishing to collect for example only automatic watches of the diving type. It is interesting to look for a nice watch for each type of watch that exists: a chronograph watch like our Horizon watch, a men's quartz watch, an automatic watch, a waterproof watch, etc. Your watch collection will be varied and you will have a watch for every situation.

4. Document and exchange with other enthusiasts 

As in all fields, the more you learn about a subject, the fewer mistakes you make. Building a watch collection is an investment and therefore requires time to reflect. In this sense, it is useful to do some research beforehand with serious sources to be sure of your purchase. There are a number of books on the history of watchmaking, complications, technique or watch collecting in general. Books published by the brands themselves can be interesting from a historical point of view. Also, do not hesitate to subscribe to specialized magazines. Team Charlie Paris recommends the magazine "La revue des montres". We also advise you to exchange with other watch enthusiasts if you have the opportunity. However, this type of exchange should be constructive but should not influence you too much. Keep in mind that a collector's watch must please you before pleasing others.

5. Stay true to yourself

Among all these advices, if you had to keep only one it would be this one. A watch is above all a jewel with a strong symbolic value. Each watch model should remind you of an event or the reasons why you bought it. Collecting watches will remain an enjoyable and rewarding experience as long as you stay true to your values. The golden rule is to buy models that you like and feel free to compose your watch collection as you wish. Of course, we recommend that you do the necessary research before purchasing a watch, but remember that only you can decide whether or not to buy a watch.

6. Choose French watches

Finally, our last piece of advice concerns the type of watch you buy. Choose French watches with a story that you can relate to or agree with. By buying a French watch you contribute to its development and to the maintenance and development of the French watchmaking heritage. At Charlie Paris, we believe it is important to act locally, which is why our watches are hand assembled in France by professional and experienced watchmakers. Because of its history, France is the true cradle of European watchmaking and we wish to maintain and develop this formidable heritage by combining both the times of tradition and modernity.

To sum up, a watch collection must be built a little with your head and a lot with your heart. In the end, a watch is worthless if it doesn't move you. On the other hand, if the watch "speaks to you" then let yourself be tempted! These tips are intended to help you make the right choice and not regret your purchase. However, you must be prepared to accept the idea that you will inevitably make mistakes. No collector is perfect and knowledge of watches is a lifelong learning process. We invite you to browse through our men's watches and women's watches, and who knows, maybe your next collector's watch is one of them!

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