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How to start a collection of watches?

Do you like beautiful watches and you want to start a collection of watches? Know that there is no age to start a collection of watches. Some people are starting to buy their first watches from childhood and others develop this passion for beautiful watches a little later. Anyway, you can start collecting watches right now. But becoming watch collector is not so simple, you have to find the right pieces for not regretting them later and especially have some knowledge. Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you its best tips for starting a collection of watches.

  1. Choose a watch that you like: favor buying pleasure to buy investment
  2. Fix a budget and do not exceed it
  3. Stay open and prefer a collection of eclectic watches
  4. Do you document and exchange with other enthusiasts
  5. Stay true to yourself
  6. Privilege French watches

1. Choose a watch that you like: Privilege the purchase to buy investment

To find a watch that is worth being collected, the golden rule is that you like you. Do not focus on the resale value of the watch that is not assured. Some models will see their rating climb, stagnate or fall. Anyway, buy only pieces you want to wear and only look at the financial aspect. Indeed, keep in mind that the collection watch must be a favorite shop. Obviously before buying it, we advise you to take the time of reflection but you must be convinced by the watch model you choose. You can ask for your loved ones but remember that you're going to wear this watch.

2. Set a budget and do not exceed it

To set a budget have a realistic idea of ​​the amount you want and can spend. The price is a criterion that will reduce the number of offers. You will also enjoy more of your watch knowing that you do not have to spend a sum well above your means. If your budget does not allow you to buy new, do not hesitate to buy your watch on the occasion market. If you have a small budget, we advise you to start your collection by models of quartz watches and then gradually mount in range. You can start a collection of watches without necessarily directing you to an automatic watch. By the way, if you buy a high-value watch, do not forget to think about where you go store it. Above all, do not buy a default watch. For example, if you have in mind a particular watch template for your collection but your budget does not allow you to acquire it, especially do not buy a consolation watch only because it looks a little like the watch that you initially covet. In this case, we advise you to save rather than buying a replacement watch that will not give you the same pleasure as the original.

3. Stay open and prefer a collection of eclectic watches

The most interesting watches collections are those that are not limited to one type of watch. To do this, expand your horizons and stay open to new possibilities. Indeed, do not be exclusive in your choices by wishing to collect for example only automatic plunger watches. It is interesting to look for a beautiful watch for each type of watch that exists: a chronograph watch, a Quartz watch, a automatic watch, a diving watch, etc. Your watch collection will be varied and you will have a watch adapted to each situation.

4. Document and exchange with other enthusiasts

As in all areas, the more you inquire about a subject less you make mistakes. Constitute a collection of watches is an investment and therefore asks to take the time of reflection. In this sense, it is useful to describe beforehand from serious sources to be sure of its purchase. There are a number of books on the history of watchmaking, complications, technology or collection of watchmaking in general. The books edited by the brands themselves may be interesting from a historical point of view. Also, do not hesitate to subscribe to specialized magazines. Team Charlie Paris, advises the magazine "The Review of Watches". We also invite you to discover the watchmaking sites to discover their universe, their values ​​and the special operations they put in place. If you want to discover more about a brand best is to go to one of their shops to exchange with sellers. YouTube is also a communication channel that is full of information. You can follow watch chains like "the caliber", "the small second hand", "Frank without C" and also find some watch brands like Charlie Paris. We also advise you to discuss with watch enthusiasts if you have the opportunity. However this type of exchange must be constructive but should not influence you too much. Keep in mind that a collection watch must please you before please.

5. Stay true to yourself

Among all these tips if you had to remember one would have it. A watch is above all a jewel with high symbolic value. Each watch model must remind you of an event where the reasons why you bought it. The watch collection will remain a pleasant and rewarding experience as long as you stay true to your values. The golden rule is to buy models that please you and free to compose your watch collection as you wish. We of course recommend that you do the research needed before acquiring a watch but remember that you are the only one to decide whether or not to buy a watch.

6. Privilege French watches

Finally, our last council concerns the type of watch you buy. Privilege the French watches with a story that touches you or with whom you agree. By taking the process of buying a French watch you contribute to its development as well as the maintenance and development of the French watchmaking heritage. At Charlie Paris, it is important in our eyes to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in France by professional and experienced watchmakers. By its history, France is the real cradle of European watchmaking and we want to maintain and develop this tremendous heritage by combining both the times of tradition and modernity.

For summary, a collection of watches must build a little with his head and a lot with his heart. Finally, a watch is worthless if it does not vibrate. On the other hand, if the watch you "speak" then let yourself be tempted! These boards are intended to help you make the right choice and not regret one of your purchases. However, you need to prepare you to accept the idea that you necessarily make mistakes. No collector is perfect and knowledge of watches is a learning of a lifetime. We invite you to discover our Men's Watchesand our Women's watches, and that's your next collection watch can be part of it!

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