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Who invented the chronograph watch?

Invention of the watch

The chronograph is a basic complication that can be seen on a large majority of watches. This precision instrument for measuring short times is one of the most complex mechanisms to create and manufacture.Designed, designed and assembled in France, the Horizon is themens chronograph watchsigned Charlie Paris. With a design that is both elegant and sporty, this watch has won over more than one, but do you know the inventor of this watch? This is what we are going to discover through this article ...

  1. Who is behind the invention of the chronograph watch?

  2. Who is the creator of the chronograph watch?


1. Who is behind the invention of the chronograph watch?

Considered one of the classic models of watchmaking, the chronograph watch has fascinated for generations because of its mechanism and its operation. Despite a touch of mystery about its true origins, the model can be proud of having been designed by a Parisian watchmaker. Back on the invention of the chronograph watch with Charlie Paris.

As a reminder, a chronograph model designates a line of men's watches or from ladies watches traditional functions but also equipped with a complementary mechanism. The push of a push button triggersthe movement of a hand in the center of the dial which calculates the elapsed time.


2. Who is the creator of the chronograph watch?

We cannot talk about the chronograph watch without mentioning a few names that have written its history in the French capital. Indeed, several men are supposed to have been the precursors of the mechanism in Paris.

Louis Moinet, a native of Bourges who settled in Paris during his life is recognized as being the first to invent the principle of the Chronograph under the name of "Compteur de Tierces" in 1816.

It was only six years later that the word "Chronograph" was used and patented for the first time by Nicolas-Matthieu Rieussec. Parisian by origin and Watchmaker to King Louis XVIII, he is considered today as the inventor of the model due to his revolutionary system. The latter allowed a dot of ink to be deposited on the dial by pressing the pusher. It was then possible to calculate the elapsed time thanks to the task. The invention of the Chronograph watch therefore has French origins.

Other connoisseurs of watchmaking evoke the name ofAbraham-Louis Breguet.  In 1801, this famous Swiss watchmaker based in Paris created the “tourbillon”, a horological complication. at the base of the chronograph mechanism and which improves the precision of a mechanical watch.

Different men and a common city have allowed the birth and development of one of the most popular models of world watchmaking which has its origins in Paris. The Chronograph watch is therefore originally a Made in France watch.

Who invented the chronograph watch

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