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Clock designer, Paris clock designer?

Invention of the watch

Who is hiding behind the invention of the clock? Page: 1

It is considered to be one of the traditional clock designs. Clock recorder Generations have been fascinated by its mechanism and sound function. Although the real origin of the model is somewhat mysterious, it is still welcomed by Paris clock designers. Feedback and the invention of clockCharlie Paris

Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. Timing template Specify a line Wrist watch or Women's Watch In the conventional function, but also has the complementary mechanism.Button triggerThe movement of a needle in the center of a clock counts the passage of time.

Who is the clock designer?

We can't talk about thisWrist watchTime recorder There are few names that have written his story in the French capital. In fact, some are thought to have pioneered the mechanism in Paris.

Louis MoineFrom Bourges, he lived in Paris all his life and was considered to be the first person to invent the Paris principle. Time recorder 1816 third party counter

It's just six years from now "Timekeeper" First use and patents Nikolay Mathieu The origin of King Louis XVIII and watch Designer Considered Now it's like an inventor This is a model of his revolutionary system Due to the pressure of the push rod, the latter allows ink spots to be deposited on the frame. You can then calculate the time through the task. Therefore, the invention of the clock has many French origins.

Names mentioned by other watchmakersAbraham Louis breiger  In 1801, a famous Swiss clock designer based in Paris created the "whirlwind", aClock complications On the basis of the clock mechanism, the accuracy of the mechanical watch is improved.

Different people and a common city have created and developed one of the most popular models of the world's clocks, which began in Paris. So the clock turns out to be Watches made in France.

Who invented the clock

Men's Watch 


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