If your watch gets wet, you will notice it very quickly: steam will appear inside the watch. But what should you do to minimize the impact of water inside the case?
The frequency of a movement is often a component that is mentioned when buying an automatic watch. But what does this unit of measurement refer to?
A winder is a machine that allows automatic watches to be wound without the need to be worn. It mimics the movement of the wrist and allows the automatic watch to recharge.
But what is this Quartz movement whose fluidity of the seconds reminds us greatly of automatic movements?
Vegan leather is a material that we hear more and more about around us. But what kind of material are we talking about when it comes to vegan leather?
The date indicator on a watch is a very useful tool for daily use. However, as soon as a month of 30 days arrives, the date indicator shifts by one day and there it is the same headache which starts again...
To understand the meaning of an analog watch, let's first go back to the etymology of the word analogy...
The 2824-2 movement from the watch manufacturer ETA is a classic in the industry. But where does this international recognition come from, what are the characteristics of this caliber?
Between the Sapphire glass, the mineral glass or the acrylic glass, it's difficult to see the difference. The Charlie team explains in detail the characteristics of each.
Standard steel rusts, but the steel of Charlie Paris watches is stainless and does not rust. How is this phenomenon explained? What are the characteristics of the 316L steel used for our watches?
Before the invention of the watch, it was not easy to have an idea of the time, it was necessary to wait to go to a city to consult the only clock hanging on the bell tower.
Watchmaking enthusiasts agree that this movement is a real "tractor" for its robustness and reliability.
Discover in this article how to adjust very simply your watch strap in Milanese mesh.
You may be surprised to learn that the time change is the result of historical, geopolitical and economic decisions.
A tourbillon is a watchmaking complication whose primary purpose is to reduce the effect of gravity on the operation of mechanical watches. From the first tourbillon by Abraham Louis Breguet to the Gyrotourbillon by Jaeger Lecoultre, they never cease to fascinate us!
The term GMT, Greenwich Mean time, dates back to 1675. It was not until 1880 that Greenwich was adopted as world standard time.
From the 13th century to today, from the beginnings of watchmaking to the rise of luxury timepieces, the history of French watchmaking through political, technical and social revolutions.
Many of you wear your Charlie on your wrist, but not just any wrist! Very often the left one.  There are various explanations for this, but just for you, we have chosen three.
It is necessary to go back to Greek antiquity to really understand the choice of the direction of the hands which will allow the functioning of watches a few centuries later.
You may not have noticed it yet, but it's always 10:10 at Charlie Paris. Here are the real reasons: a historical event and aesthetic codes.
Waiting 100 years is already a long time... Waiting 107 years seems like an eternity!
So how did this expression come about and where does it come from?
Why are there 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day? To find the origin, we must go back to the Egyptian antiquity.
Have you always wondered how it is possible to read the time on your watch even in the dark? All the answers to your questions in this article.