The watch dial is an important element of a watch. Also called "the face of the watch", we present you in this article its specificities. Discover our watch dials Made in France Charlie Paris for men and women.
Whether you like to follow watch trends or you are simply curious about watch trends, Team Charlie Paris presents you in this article the trendy watches of this year. Discover now the trendy women's watch made for you! 
Mechanical watch, automatic watch, manual winding watch, quartz watch, you can get lost very quickly!
You have a mechanical watch and you would like to know how to wind it up? In this article, we will explain how to proceed and the steps to follow.
Looking for a gift for a loved one or for yourself? We offer you a selection of automatic and mechanical watches, signed Charlie Paris.
To keep your watch in good condition, it is important to clean the strap. If you have a nylon/fabric strap, we will explain the steps to follow to clean it.
Do you have a watch with a steel or Milanese mesh bracelet and don't know how to clean it?  Don't worry, we will guide you to make your bracelet shine!
It is interesting to be able to change your watch straps as you want. We are going to explain you how to proceed and you will see, changing your straps will never have been so easy!
When you want to buy a watch, you want to keep it for a long time, so the question of the watch's resistance arises. We are going to try to help you to see it a little more clearly.
Since Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the Franco-Swiss watchmaking and mechanical art have been registered as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
Watches are fragile objects and it is not uncommon, by clumsiness, to break the glass of the latter. Don't worry, changing the glass of a watch is a classic repair.
The crown is one of the key elements in the construction of a watch: if it serves most of the time to change the hour and minute hands.
Is your steel watch strap too big?  Don't worry, it is always possible to adjust the strap to your size.
Christmas is coming soon! To help you select your future gifts, the Charlie Paris team has selected just for you the 5 gift ideas for a watch lover.
What is a watch complication? Calendar, tourbillon, power reserve, chronograph... Charlie Paris deciphers the complications of a watch.
To keep your watch for many years, it must be carefully cleaned and maintained.
The date on a watch is the watch complication that displays the date along with the time.
The wedding watch has become a tradition since the democratization of the wristwatch in the late nineteenth century. Thus, the wedding watch has become the equivalent of the ring for these gentlemen.
Discover our selection of automatic watches for men and women with open heart.
A tachometer is an instrument that measures the speed of an object but also of a living being.
At Charlie Paris, it is important for us to offer you French made watches with a good quality price ratio. Discover our top 10 watches under 500€.
At Charlie Paris, it is important for us to offer you French made watches with a good quality price ratio. Discover our top 10 watches under 500€.
When it comes to choosing a watch, the possibilities and combinations are almost endless! Don't worry, Team Charlie is here to help you choose the right watch for YOU.
What color watch to choose?  The color of a watch can be chosen at two levels, the color can change on the dial but also on the case.
Many of you wear your Charlie on your wrist, but not just any wrist! Very often the left one.  There are various explanations for this, but just for you, we have chosen three.
A real revolution in the 70's, the Quartz movement watch is now the most commercialized type of watch in the world. What is the role of the Quartz in the functioning of this type of movement?
So what are the differences between lithium batteries, silver oxide batteries and alkaline batteries? The Charlie team explains the particularity of each.
Discover our selection of watches for a budget of 1000 euros.
In this article, we enlighten you on the surprising origin of this expression. For that, let's go to the gardens of the Palais Royal, in the heart of Paris... 
Some of you may want to take the challenge and change the battery of your watch on your own!
Although the chronograph watch is now a classic within the watch industry, many of us do not know exactly what this name refers to.
To fully understand how an automatic watch or automatic movement works, you must first understand what this type of watch is made of.
A real revolution in the 70's, the quartz watch is now the most commercialized type of watch in the world. What is the role of quartz in the functioning of this type of movement?
When you want to buy a watch, you may wonder what size watch to choose according to your wrist, especially when you make a purchase on the internet.
What is the most expensive watch in the world? This is the question that many of you are asking ... The Charlie Paris team has conducted the investigation and gives you all the answers you are waiting for.
You may not know it but rubies are inserted in the heart of mechanical watch movements (manual and automatic). Decrypting and analyzing the role of rubies within them.
GMT time, UTC time : You don't know what the difference is? Don't worry, the Charlie Paris team explains it all to you!
You love your watch and you notice that it gets dirty but you don't know how to clean it? Don't worry, the Charlie Paris team gives you its best tips to keep your watch looking like new!
If your watch gets wet, you will notice it very quickly: steam will appear inside the watch. But what should you do to minimize the impact of water inside the case?
The frequency of a movement is often a component that is mentioned when buying an automatic watch. But what does this unit of measurement refer to?