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mouvement automatique Citizen Miyota 82S7

Citizen Miyota automatic movement calibre 82S7, technical data

Today Team Charlie Paris presents you the Citizen Miyota movement caliber 82S7 and unveils its men's automatic watch using this caliber.

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montre guillochée

What is a guilloche watch?

In watchmaking, many decorative techniques exist. Today, Team Charlie Paris has decided to introduce you to one of them: Guilloche, one of the oldest decorative techniques in watchmaking.

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mécanismes de montre

The watch mechanisms you must know

Today, Team Charlie presents the different watch mechanisms. Knowing the heart that drives your watch will allow you to better understand how it works.

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Comment régler l'heure sur une montre

How to set the time on your watch?

Many of you wear your Charlie Paris watch, but when the time change comes, you wonder once more how to set your watch on time. Don't worry, the Charlie Paris team is here to help you!

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montre petit poignet

Watch for a small wrist, our selection to make the right choice

Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you its tips for choosing a watch for men and women with small wrists.

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monter automatique homme réserve de marche

Understanding the "power reserve" of a watch

Technological progress has allowed the development of new complications and it is sometimes complicated to find your way around. Today, Charlie Paris sheds light on one of the main watch complicati...

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Toolwatch, a watch built for adventure

Discover our Toolwatch: the Concordia, designed to meet the unusual specifications of the expedition of the adventurer Matthieu Tordeur in Antarctica.

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montre solaire homme

Ecological watch: the key to ecological responsibility in watchmaking

Commitments to the environment and eco-responsible behavior are multiplying and we are increasingly aware of this. But what is an ecological watch? Team Charlie Paris explains it to you.

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montre électronique

All about electronic watches

In watchmaking, we hear a lot about mechanical watches and quartz watches, but what is an electronic watch? Today, Team Charlie presents all you need to know about electronic watches.

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montre homme

How many times a day do the hands of a clock overlap?

You probably know that the hands overlap at exactly noon and midnight, but do you know how many times a day the hands of a watch overlap?

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montre homme etanche

Waterproof watch : Understanding the waterproofness of your watch

You've always wondered what the ATM marking on the back of your watch means. The Charlie team will reveal the different notions of waterproofing in order to protect your watch as well as possible.

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Montre automatique vs montre quartz
Charlie Watch

Mechanical watch vs. quartz watch

When it comes to choosing a watch, two schools of thought seem to oppose each other: quartz or mechanical watches? Manual or automatic winding?

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montre automatique homme

All about the magnetization of watches

What is the magnetization of a watch? How do I solve my watch problem? Team Charlie tells you everything you need to know about magnetization and how to react if it happens to you.

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marque de montre

Which watch brand to choose?

In this article, Charlie Paris sheds light on the watch brands and gives you its advice on the different elements to consider when buying a watch.

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cadran de montre

All you need to know about the watch dial

The watch dial is an important element of a watch. Also called "the face of the watch", we present you in this article its specificities. Discover our watch dials Made in France Charlie Paris for m...

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montre femme tendance

Find the trendy women's watch made for you

Whether you like to follow watch trends or you are simply curious about watch trends, Team Charlie Paris presents you in this article the trendy watches of this year. Discover now the trendy women'...

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Montre mécanique manuel vs montre automatique

Mechanical watch : Automatic or manual ? Differences and functioning

Mechanical watch, automatic watch, manual winding watch, quartz watch, you can get lost very quickly!

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comment remonter une montre mécanique

How to wind up an automatic watch?

You have a mechanical watch and you would like to know how to wind it up? In this article, we will explain how to proceed and the steps to follow.

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Comment fonctionne une montre sans pile

How does a battery-free watch work?

Looking for a gift for a loved one or for yourself? We offer you a selection of automatic and mechanical watches, signed Charlie Paris.

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Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre en nylon/tissu ?

How to clean a nylon watchstrap?

To keep your watch in good condition, it is important to clean the strap. If you have a nylon/fabric strap, we will explain the steps to follow to clean it.

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Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre en acier inoxydable ?

How to clean a stainless steel watchstrap?

Do you have a watch with a steel or Milanese mesh bracelet and don't know how to clean it?  Don't worry, we will guide you to make your bracelet shine!

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changer bracelet de montre

Changing your watch strap: the steps

It is interesting to be able to change your watch straps as you want. We are going to explain you how to proceed and you will see, changing your straps will never have been so easy!

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montre incassable

Unbreakable watch, is it possible?

When you want to buy a watch, you want to keep it for a long time, so the question of the watch's resistance arises. We are going to try to help you to see it a little more clearly.

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L'horlogerie au patrimoine immatériel de l'Unesco

The watchmaking to the intangible heritage of Unesco

Since Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the Franco-Swiss watchmaking and mechanical art have been registered as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

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Comment changer le verre de sa montre ?-Charlie Paris

How to change the glass of your watch?

Watches are fragile objects and it is not uncommon, by clumsiness, to break the glass of the latter. Don't worry, changing the glass of a watch is a classic repair.

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La couronne de montre : à quoi sert cette pièce ?-Charlie Paris

The watch crown: what is the purpose of this watch component?

The crown is one of the key elements in the construction of a watch: if it serves most of the time to change the hour and minute hands.

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Comment enlever les maillons d'une montre acier ?-Charlie Paris

How to remove the links from a steel watch?

Is your steel watch strap too big?  Don't worry, it is always possible to adjust the strap to your size.

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5 idées de cadeaux pour un amateur de montres-Charlie Paris

5 gift ideas for a watch lover

Christmas is coming soon! To help you select your future gifts, the Charlie Paris team has selected just for you the 5 gift ideas for a watch lover.

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Le guide des complications horlogères-Charlie Paris

A guide to watch complications

What is a watch complication? Calendar, tourbillon, power reserve, chronograph... Charlie Paris deciphers the complications of a watch.

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Nettoyer et entretenir sa montre avec soin, nos conseils-Charlie Paris

Cleaning and maintaining your watch with care, our tips

To keep your watch for many years, it must be carefully cleaned and maintained.

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