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What shows to wear with a suit?

men's automatic watch

The watch is an accessory of fashion almost inescapable in both daily and special events. To personalize your style while caring for your look, wear a watch adapted to your dress and especially if it is a costume. But what criteria should be taken into account? You want to wear a suit but don't know which style of watch to choose? Don't worry, Team Charlie Paris guides you and gives you the best advice to make the right choice!

  1. A beautiful watch to accompany your suit
  2. Our selection of shows to wear with a suit, by Charlie Paris

1. A beautiful watch to accompany your suit

Over the years, especially since the advent of smartphones, the watch has become a fashion accessory, see a real jewel. If you have to wear a formal dress as a costume, you have to be careful about your entire outfit. In this case, the choice of your watch is important. The watch is a jewel that expresses your personality, but what show to wear to sublime its style and affirm its personality?

To answer this question, certain criteria must be taken into account:

  • The dimensions and size of the dial
  • The design of the watch
  • The movement of the watch
  • The type of watch bracelet
  • The dimensions and size of the dial

For the size of the watch, choose a watch diameter suitable for your wrist.

For this, get a meter of sewing and measure the circumference of your wrist. For a wrist round between 15 and 17 cm a box between 28 mm and 36 mm will go as a glove. For a wrist circumference between 16 and 18cm, use the watch boxes with a diameter of 36 to 44 mm. All Our Men watchRange is within this range. If your wrist tower is more than 19 cm, you can choose larger boxes from 42mm to 50mm

Tip Charlie Paris to find out if a watch is at your size: The horns should not exceed your wrist. The horns are the small attachments on which watch bracelets are attached. An overload printing could then be created.

If you wish to buy or wear a watch with a suit for work or other occasion, favour a man watch adapted to your wrist size and avoid the watches over size.

  • The design of the watch

When the wedding season comes in, whether you are the future married or a guest, as an amateur of watchmaking, the question arises: what watch show with his suit? Whether you own a single watch or your collection is already well-filled, this may be an opportunity to purchase a new timepiece. Wearing a nice suit accompanied by a beautiful watch for a formal meeting, in the office or for a dinner, you will not only shine but also feel good. So choose a watch that's like you and it looks like you! There are different types of watches, classic men's watches, contemporary, more sports design, etc. If a watch with sober and clean lines is preferred when wearing a suit, there is no real rule. The important thing is to choose a watch that looks like you and which you feel comfortable with. As regards the colors of the dials, the timeless colors are more suitable, as a white man watch, a blue man watch or even a black man watch.

  • The movement of the watch

Concerning the motion of the watch, you have the choice among many types of watches. Each watch movement has advantages and disadvantages, to you to choose the one that you like most. You have a choice of Quartz watches, from Automatic watches, manual lift watches or solar watches. For an important event where you want to wear a suit, an automatic winding watch is more suitable. This type of movement is the most popular of watch lovers and it is a more prestigious type of watch. Unlike a quartz watch, the movement of an automatic watch is more complex to manufacture and design and implies a real know-how. From an aesthetic point of view, the automatic watch has a nice advantage. Indeed, the needle of the second does not make a leap of a second but many more small jumps. The whole is more linear. In addition, many models of automatic watches allow you to appreciate the mechanics of watch at the level of its caseback.

  • The type of watch bracelet

The watch bracelet is also an element to consider because it can change the style of a time guard. A watch to accompany a suit must be elegant and bring a refined note to your outfit. To wear a watch with a suit, choose a leather strap. Bracelet of traditional watch, the leather strap is accessible, durable and reliable. Wearing the wrist with an automatic watch, the leather watch strap brings a chic, elegant and dressed style. There are different types of leather, wristbands made of smooth leather, leather or exotic leather such as ostrich leather. Choose a leather color that fits well with your suit like brown leather, chocolate, black or blue. The brown leather remains the emblematic watch bracelet, especially if it is skating over time.


2. Our selection of shows to wear with a suit, by Charlie Paris

Our collection of watches for men Initial gathers automatic watches, with or without complications, with both classic and contemporary design, which will be able to accompany you for many years.

  • The automatic man watch to wear with a suit, the Initial 3 needles

Drawn, conceived and assembled in France, the Initial 3 needles is our automatic man watch with timeless design. Sobre, contemporary, needle-sharpened needles, an attention to detail that makes the Initial show three needles and date, a safe value, ideal to accompany a suit. This watch model exists in white or blue dial version, and you have the choice among many leather bracelets. You only have to choose!

  • The watch automatic man Heart Open to wear with a suit, Initial Heart Open

L' Initial Cœur ouvert is our automatic watch for men with both classical and contemporary design, which reveals the wheels of the movement. This French watch Is equipped with time, minute, second and 24h counter functions. In addition to the heart opened on the dial, we have chosen to attach to the back of the watch a transparent background which lets appear all the wheels of the automatic movement. By allowing the wheels of its movement to appear, this watch offers you a real jewelry jewel. This watch meeting in France proposes a system of Interchangeable bracelets, very easy to use. Test different combinations and find the ideal bracelet to accompany your suit.

If you like automatic complication watches, we offer in our Initial collection automatic watches and calendar. These two watch models are also suitable for a suit with a suit.

  • The chronograph watch to wear with a suit, the Horizon men's watch

Designed, designed and assembled in France, the Horizon is a men's chronograph watch with interchangeable bracelet with an elegant yet sporty design. Its 40mm diameter case is just under a centimetre thick and makes it a very well-proportioned watch for a male wrist. On the dial, we affixed sharp chrome indexes at 12, 3, 6 and 9 hours as well as indicators between each second to give a sporty look to the watch. This sporty-looking man watch is still a very elegant watch and comes to dress up a suit perfectly. Available with a white, blue or black dial, choose the model that best matches your costume.

  • The quartz watch to wear with a suit, our Bastille man watch

The Bastille has a sober, racy and timeless design. This steel man watch features a white, blue or black dial. For this 39mm diameter watch, we chose to play on contrasts of textures and shapes, from the steel polished on the bezel and bottom, but brushed on the horns and slice. This city man watch with a white, blue or black dial, can quite come and dress up a suit.

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