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Article: Which watch should I wear with a suit?

Quelle montre porter avec un costume ?

Which watch should I wear with a suit?

If you have to wear a formal outfit like a suit, you have to pay attention to your entire outfit, and the choice of watch is an important part of that. The watch is a piece of jewelry that expresses your personality, but what watch should you wear to enhance your style when wearing a suit? To answer this question, you need to consider certain criteria:

  • The dimensions and size of the dial
  • The design of the watch
  • The movement of the watch
  • The type of watch strap

    • The dimensions and size of the dial

    If you want to buy or wear a watch with a suit for work or another occasion, choose a men's watch that fits your wrist size and avoid oversized watches. Choose a watch diameter that fits your wrist. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your wrist. For a wrist circumference between 15 and 17 cm, a case between 28 mm and 36 mm will fit you like a glove. For a wrist circumference between 16 and 18 cm, choose a watch case with a diameter between 36 and 44 mm. All our men's watches are included in this range. If your wrist circumference is greater than 19 cm you can opt for larger cases ranging from 42mm to 50mm.  

    • The design of the watch

    There are different types of watches, classic men's watches, contemporary, with a more sporty design, etc. If a watch with clean and simple lines is preferred when wearing a suit, there are no real rules. The important thing is to choose a watch that looks like you and that you feel comfortable with. As far as dial colors are concerned, timeless colors are more suitable, like a white men's watch, a blue men's watch or a black men's watch. But if you want to show your originality, nothing forbids you to wear a watch with more "pop" colors!

    • The movement of the watch

    Concerning the movement of the watch, you can choose among many types of movements. Each watch movement has its advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one you like best. You can choose from quartz men's watches, automatic watches, mechanical watches with manual winding or solar watches.  

    • The type of watch strap

    The watch strap is also an element to take into consideration because it can change the style of a timepiece. We believe that a watch to go with a suit should be elegant and add a refined touch to your outfit. To wear a watch with a suit, opt for a leather strap. Worn on the wrist with an automatic watch, the leather watch strap immediately brings a chic, elegant and dressy style. There are different types of leather, smooth leather watch straps, grained leather or even exotic leather like ostrich leather. Choose a leather color that matches your suit such as brown, chocolate, black or blue leather.  

    Our selection of watches to wear with a suit, by Charlie Paris

    Initial is our collection of men's automatic watches with a classic yet contemporary design, which we believe will go perfectly with a suit.

    • The Automatic Men's Watch to wear with a suit, the Initial 3 hands

    Designed, engineered and assembled in France, the Initial 3 hands is our most classic automatic men's watch design. Sober and contemporary design, sharp hands, an attention to detail that makes the Initial 3 hands / date watch, a sure value, ideal to accompany a suit. This watch model is available with a white or blue dial, and you have a choice of many leather straps. All you have to do is choose.

    montre costume

    • The Open Heart automatic men's watch to wear with a suit, the Initial Open Heart

    The Initial Open Heart is our men's automatic watch that reveals the movement's gears. This French watch is equipped with hour, minute, second & 24-hour counter functions. By revealing the wheels of its mechanical movement, this watch will look great with a suit. Just like our other creations, this watch assembled in France is equipped with an interchangeable strap system.

    montre automatique homme

    • Initial automatic watches with complications

    If you like automatic watches with complications, we offer in our Initial collection the automatic watches "Power Reserve" and "Calendar". These two watch models, which have more presence on the wrist, are also perfectly suited for an outfit with a suit.

    montre costume

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