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Seiko VH31 sweep second movement, technical sheet

seiko movement vh31

Among all the watch movements that exist, it can be difficult to navigate. To help you see a little more clearly, Team Charlie has written a technical sheet on the Seiko VH31 sweepstakes second movement.

  1. VH31 movement, what are the specificities of this movement from Seiko?

  2. Seiko, a Japanese manufacture with great ambitions

  3. The characteristics of the Seiko VH31 Sweep second movement


1. VH31 movement, what are the specificities of this movement from Seiko?

For our Concordia Quartz watch, our adventurer's watch, we have chosen to equip it with the VH31 Sweep second movement from Seiko.


2. Seiko, a Japanese manufacture with great ambitions

The history of the Seiko manufacture begins in 1881 when Kintaro Hattaori opened a watch sales and repair shop in Tokyo.

A little more than 10 years later Kintaro Hattori launched into clock production under the name of seikosha after the takeover of a disused factory. Firmly determined to compete with Swiss watchmaking houses, Seiko launched its first pocket watch in 1885, and a few years later paved the way for wristwatches. The first seiko wristwatch, the "Laurel" was born in 1914.

During the 20th century, Seiko developed numerous technologies, with the constant aim of improving the performance of their watches such as their shock-proof system, or even mechanical watches with automatic winding.

But it was in 1969 that Seiko turned the world of watchmaking upside down (forever), with the very first Quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron, a watch that was much more precise than mechanical watches running on a battery.

Still doubts about the differences in operation between an automatic watch and a quartz watch, we have written an article on the subject.


3. The characteristics of the Seiko VH31 Sweep second movement

Launched in 2018, the particularity of the Seiko VH31 movement is that the second hand performs 4 beats in one second. The seconds movement thus seems almost fluid and reminds us of the fluidity of the second hands in an automatic movement.

In short, the VH31 sweep second movement brings the experience of an automatic watch to life with the precision of a Quartz watch.


Features of the Seiko caliber VH31 movement:
Thickness: 3.45 mm
Diameter: 23.70 mm
Ruby: 2 Rubies
Quartz Oscillation Frequency: 32.77 Hz
Display: Hour, minute and second are centered
Precision : ± 15 sec per month
Battery life: 2 years


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