Automatic Watch Winder: What is it?

Automatic watch winder : what is it ?- Charlie Paris

What is a winding machine?

A winderwatch is a machine for mechanical watches to be raised without the need to be worn.The winder imitates the movements of the wrist that traditionally allow the automatic mechanical watch to recharge. So you just have to place theautomatic watch on mechanism ofwinder to keep it on time.
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What are the advantages of a winding machine?

  • The watch winder allows to maintain the automatic mechanical watch on time. Indeed, most of theautomatic watches have a power reserve of one or two days. So, if it is not worn, yourwatchrisk of stopping.winder allows you to maintain yourautomatic watch running, creating the movements of your wrist.
  • The winder also allows maintenance of the watch mechanism. Indeed, let hismechanical watch stopping for too long risks damaging the mechanism by freezing the oil contained inside.
  • Finally, the winding machine is considered by many to be a real object of decoration acting as a setting for yourwatch.

Is it possible that the watch winder prematurely damages the automatic watch?

It is considered that the oscillating mass must rotate about 1500 to 1800 times a day for the automatic watch to be fully recharged. However, there are different types of winder for automatic watch: some rotate continuously and others more sophisticated rotate according to a predefined setting. Watch winders which rotate continuously can eventually damage the movement as the oscillating mass will perform much more than 1800 revolutions in a day.
So watch winder is a tool that can be extremely convenient for some people as well as being just a gadget without much interest for others. This difference in perception will depend on each user and the use he has of his automatic watches.


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