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How to wind a mechanical watch?

Do you own a mechanical watch and would like to know how to charge it? We will explain how to do this in this article. The movements of mechanical watches are made up of a large number of parts and their winding is crucial to ensure their proper functioning. Follow our advice to offer your grade-time an optimal winding.

  1. How to wind a mechanical watch with manual winding?
  2. Steps to manually wind a mechanical watch
  3. Charlie Paris mechanical watches


1. How to wind a mechanical watch with manual winding?

Your mechanical watch only works when its mainspring is wound up. Thus, to function correctly your mechanical watch must be wound regularly if it is not "automatic" and you must turn its crown for this. You must rewind your manual mechanical watch when its power reserve is reached. This operation therefore depends on the power reserve of each watch and some mechanical watches require winding more frequently than others. Usually a hand-wound watch has a power reserve of 40 to 48 hours. In this case, you need to wind your watch every two days. However, there are more complex watches with greater power reserves that need to be wound once a week, for example.


2. The steps for manually winding a mechanical watch

Whether for a manual winding mechanical watch or an automatic mechanical watch, the way to manually wind them is the same.

1 - Take off your watch and hold it in your hand so you can wind it with the other.In fact, never wind your watch while wearing it, as this exerts a force on the winding stem and crown. The inner tube of the crown is a delicate part and you could easily bend it.

2 - Turn the crown clockwise.Make sure that the crown is pushed in, that is, in the "neutral position", in other words as close as possible to your watch case.

3 - Winding is completed when the crown locks.Do not try to wind it further, you risk damaging your watch.


If you have a watch with a screw-down crown then you will need to unscrew the crown of your watch until it is in the neutral position. Then reassemble your watch as instructed in the steps above. Remember to screw the crown back on when you are done.


3. Charlie Paris mechanical watches

At Charlie Paris, all of our mechanical watches are automatic watches that come up with the energy you create with your wrist. Their power reserve is 40 hours, if you do not wear your watch for more than two days you will therefore have to wind it manually. You can turn the crown about ten times, pull the crown out to reset the watch and press the crown again. Your automatic mechanical watch will then charge fully when you wear the watch.

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