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Article: How to wind up an automatic watch?

comment remonter une montre mécanique

How to wind up an automatic watch?

You have an automatic watch and you would like to know how to wind it up? We will explain you how to do it in this article. Whether it is a mechanical watch with manual winding or a mechanical automatic watch, the way to wind them manually is the same.

1 - Take off your watch and hold it in your hand to be able to wind it with the other. Never wind your watch while wearing it, as this exerts a force on the winding stem and crown. The inner tube of the crown is a delicate part and you could easily bend it.

2 - Turn the crown clockwise. Make sure the crown is pushed in, i.e. in the "neutral position", i.e. as close as possible to the case of your watch.

3 - Winding is complete when the crown locks in place. Do not try to wind it any further, as this could damage your watch. About ten turns are enough to wind an automatic watch, which will then recharge itself fully when you wear it.

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