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Men's Watch Leather Bracelet

The leather man watch for an elegant and refined outfit

Leather is definitely an eternal timeless. Timeless matter, she knew how to cross the years and follow the modes to be today more than ever in the air of time. This high-end noble material, both lightweight and flexible, adapts easily to each wrist tower with its ardillon buckle clasp. The slightly patinated leather with semi vegetable tanning gives a silky appearance and brings to your leather man watch all its singularity. Timeless, the leather strap comes to bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. The leather can take different shapes and colors and allows to affirm a look with style but also adapts very easily to everyday situations. A leather strap with a well-chosen watch will adapt to the way of life of the one with the door. Elegance and sobriety, here are the key words of our beautiful watches for men in leather. All men's watches Charlie Paris as our man leather watches are drawn, designed and assembled in France. Our elegant automatic watches and Quartz watchesMerveille harmonize with a brown leather strap, black leather or blue leather. Our men's leather watch adapts to all cuffs and has a stainless case. The man watch leather bracelet is a real gem for men. Leather brings a note of elegance to a sports watch, chronograph watch, automatic watch or a quartz motion watch. If you are looking for a classic watch, a leather strap is ideal. Indeed, the leather bracelet watch is a timeless accessory.

Find your man watch with leather bracelet at Charlie Paris, a brand of French watch

At Charlie, we offer a wide selection of leather man watches with both classical and contemporary design. Our collection ofAutomatic watchesInitial agrees with a leather strap for a truly chic look. Our horizon watches and bastille urban style team up very well with our leather bracelets to offer an elegant and timeless watch. If you prefer sports watches, the lines of ourdiving watchConcordia and ourWaterproof watchGR, will seduce you. However, if you want to give a more dressed look at your sports watch, simply associate a leather strap with your sports watch. We offer different types of leather bracelets. Smooth leather, at ostrich leather, passing through grained leather, impossible not to find your leather watch for men!

Men's leather watches with interchangeable bracelet

Each of our watches are a great opportunity to find the ideal leather man watch but also to customize it with aInterchangeable bracelet. You will be able to vary the pleasures and styles according to your desires and your different looks!

Team Charlie presents these leather watches bracelets:

  • The Mick Leather BraceletHas endowed with fine nuts that bring him a touch of originality and give him a resolutely modern appearance. It is also the finest of our bracelets which makes it gain flexibility.

  • The raw leather braceletis our interchangeable watch bracelet for thick leather men with steel bracket. This crude leather strap is available in three colors: black, brown and blue.

  • The grained leather bracelet or buffalo leatheris an indispensable to your wrist. Simplicity and finesse make the buffalo leather bracelet a timeless, which is doing everywhere and especially, with everything. Available in more than ten timeless colors, you just have to find yours!

  • Ostrich Leather Braceletis easily recognizable thanks to its magnificent pearls. Our brown or blue ostrich leather watch bracelets with flexible texture are particularly nice to wear. Made by hand in the purest tradition of art leather goods, these bracelets agree as well with a shirt dressed as a more relaxed city outfit.

You can associate the bracelet of your day watch along the hue of its dial. With a white dial you can choose all the colors of bracelets. Conversely, if your men's watch has a dark dial like a black or blue dial, brown or black leather bracelets are ideal. Our interchangeable bracelet system also allows you to change your leather men's watch strap with a Khaki green nylon bracelet, navy or beige blue. The leather man watch is the opportunity to offer you a good quality accessory that you can customize according to your desires and keep for many years.