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Let's take a look at the cheaper ones.

65% of French wear it every day Wrist watch In the past few years, it has changed a lot. We can help you to see them more clearly between mechanical watch, connecting watch, cheap watch and luxury watch. For this reason, please refer to our founder Adrian's interview with the French program "La daily" on the theme of "low cost and high quality watches, it's possible!". In this video, you will have a completely transparent understanding of our model, so that we can provide you with cheap but high quality watches. You will also find the origin of watch parts, which is often taboo topic for luxury watch brands.

  1. Why is there a difference between luxury watch and cheap watch?
  2. Luxury watch, manufacturing technology
  3. Cheap watch. Adrian, tell you how our Charlie Paris watch is made

one Why is there a difference between luxury watch and cheap watch?

Today, watches are regarded as jewelry. Whether it is an expensive watch or an expensive watch, the watch is durable. With the development of technology, there are more and more Internet watches. However, the watch and the connected watch are very different.

There are different types of watches, and the price depends on several factors: parts, manufacturing process, brand or the development of the watch market. We will learn more about the manufacture of luxury and cheap watches.


2. Luxury watch, manufacturing technology

For more than two centuries, Switzerland has been the center of the world watch industry. In this interview, we found one of the largest watch manufacturers in Geneva, or more precisely in Chaux de fonds, where mechanical watches have been handmade for more than 225 years. The watches in this factory have no batteries, but thanks to the movement of coins The mechanical interaction makes the watch work. In this factory, watches are complex and are considered real jewelry. This watch can win the first prize of more than 1 million euros. But how do you explain these prices, and more broadly, the prices of luxury watches?

The most luxurious clocks use high quality materials, precise technology and unique expertise. Luxury watches use high quality components such as glass or case steel. Decorative parts and sports finishes are quality standards, especially in luxury manufacturing. Gold, platinum, mother of pearl or diamond are common on luxury watches. From the report of this interview, we can see that high technology is needed. Every watch is handmade by a skilled watchmaker. It takes dozens of hands to make a watch. The more meticulous the watchmaker's work is and the longer the time is, the higher the price of the watch will be. Finally, brand awareness and history also affect prices.

Besides luxury goods, there is a world of super luxury goods. Here, only the best watchmaker can do it. Each watch is designed by a watchmaker. The quality and requirements are very high, which is why each watch is made by a unique watchmaker, so that he can adjust and assemble according to his own feelings. It takes more than 100 industries to make such watches. The development cycle of watch sport is between 3.5 and 7 years. It takes several days or even weeks to obtain special watch parts. A perfect aesthetic and extremely accurate watch is the watchmaker's hammer. In order to be considered a very accurate watch, it should not lose more than 4 seconds or 6 seconds a day. Anyway, buying a beautiful watch is a trick. Today, the diversity of the watch market enables you to find different models of watches, regardless of the price.


3. The watch is cheap but of good quality. Adrian explains to you how our Charlie Paris watch is made

Adrian, one of the two founders of Charlie Paris, explained in this interview how our Charlie Paris watch was made. All of us Mechanical watch Quartz, male and female, is designed and assembled in France. However, these components come from abroad: China, Japan, Switzerland and Italy. Although France has real expertise, especially the best training, the watch industry no longer exists in manufacturing parts. In addition, there are many people who work in watch factories and live in France, but many of them live near the Swiss border and travel every day. Therefore, all French brand watches, whether luxurious or not, including Charlie Paris, use components from abroad. Some of them are cooperating with French watchmakers to assemble watches, accounting for nearly 50% of the added value of watches.

In Charles Paris, we offer watches that match our image, with a brand world and values that tell us freedom, closeness, lucidity, kindness or humility. It's important for us to take action locally, which is why our watches are hand assembled by professional and experienced watch manufacturers near Besancon, France.

About our watch, we created a cool design, classic and modern watch model, with good price performance. Through our on-site development, without middlemen, we can offer you watches at a fair price without overproduction, balancing between permanent collections and very limited versions. Through our disintermediated distribution model, we continuously improve the quality and sustainability of our products.

The price difference between our watches depends on the quality of their parts and the way they move. ours Waterproof watch MS Aurora quartz sport (175 Euro) has a mineral glass and we use very good 316L stainless steel. ours Chronograph Watch 245 euros, using high strength sapphire glass and more complex quartz movement. Our Concordia automatic diving watch is made of high quality materials, finishes and Swiss movement, and the price is higher (? 695).


All of our watches have a two-year warranty and are available Interchangeable Bracelet-Yes. Easy to use, our bracelets allow you to customize your watch according to your wishes and clothing.

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