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Waterproof watch: Understanding the waterproofness of your watch

Can I swim with my watch? Between the inscription ATM, Waterproof, or simply "waterproof watch"It may seem difficult to know to understand the water resistance of your watch. To know if you can bathe with your watch or simply wash your hands with it. No worries, Team Charlie Pariswill reveal the different notions of water resistance to best protect your watch.
  1. Water resistance of a definition watch
  2. Water resistance of a watch, the different levels
  3. Water resistance of a watch: How to take care of it?
  4. Water resistance of our Charlie Paris watches

1 - Water resistance of a watch, definition

Tightness refers to something that does not allow liquids or gases to pass through.In watchmaking, the waterproofness of a watchis defined by its resistance to pressure. Manufacturers most often indicate the degree of tightness in meters (m),feet(ft) or atmospheres(ATM). The inscription ATM therefore refers to the atmosphere andis calculated in a physical process that determines how much pressure the watch can withstand. That is, the pressure that water can exert on the watch.Watches bearing the designation “waterproof”, with or without an overpressure indication, must comply and have successfully passed the prescribed tests.


2 - Water resistance of a watch: the different levels

Please note, the number written does not refer to the depth, but to units used to precisely calculate the water resistance of your watch.

  • If your watchhas no indication of water resistance: in this case, always keep it away from areas of water: this means that your watch is absolutely not water resistant. You risk damaging your watch and its mechanism.
  • 3 ATM : A watch indicating 3ATM means that your watch is water resistant in the event of slight exposure to water such as when washing your hands or when it is raining. Your watch tolerates some occasional splashing such as hand washing or rain. We therefore advise you to remove it during a shower or a swim so as not to risk damaging it.
  • 5 ATM : Here is aslightly waterproof watch. The 5 ATM water resistance allows your watch to withstand submersion in water, so you can use it for swimming. However if you are planning a swim make sure that it is calm, avoid jumps and dives! A 5ATM watch is not resistant to activities that will overpressure your watch. In addition, do not take your shower or bath with your watch as the condensation may damage your watch and leave a cloud of mist under the glass of your watch.
  • 10 ATM : A water resistance to 10ATM allows a watch to be more resistant. This waterproofness will allow you to enjoy your swimming for a long time without risking fogging in your dial. With a 10ATM water resistant watch you can enjoy sport swimming and diving in a reasonable way, without worrying about damaging your watch.
  • 30 ATM : Watches from a water resistance of 30ATM and above are completely water resistant watches. Often reserved for professionals, these watches are resistant to the practice of scuba diving with bottles in deep water. With this type of watch you can dive, swim and practice water sports without worrying about damaging your watch.

Our watches thus have different waterproofness levels.


3- Water resistance of a watch: How to take care of it?

Regardless of the waterproof level of your watch, there are certain conditions that must be observed in order to take the best care of your watch.

First of all, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided as they can damage your waterproof watch. In summer, be careful not to subject your watch to thermal shock, when you decide to swim after having exposed it to the sun for several hours.

Be aware of the condensation that may appear under the glass of your watch. Sealing and condensation are two different phenomena. A waterproof watch is water resistant, but temperature variations can cause condensation, which occurs, for example, when you take a shower. As you will have understood, it is not recommended to take your shower with your equipment, even if it is waterproof.

If you have a problem with your waterproof watch, such as the presence of condensation, it is best to have it checked by a watchmaker as soon as possible. In addition, we recommended that you have the water resistance of your watch checked every 3 to 5 years if you use your waterproof watch occasionally and every year if you regularly go into the water with your watch.

4 - Water resistance of our Charlie Paris brand watches

Now that you are more familiar with the indications concerning the water resistance of your watch, here is a small summary of our watches according to their water resistance:

  • If you want to wear your watch every day, you can choose a waterproof watch with 3 and 5 ATM water resistance. All our watch models have a water resistance of at least 3 ATM, whether it is our quartz watchesor ourautomatic watches. 
  • You want a watch that can accompany you both at work and atvacation ? Then take a look at our Bastille, Aurore or GR, our 10 ATM waterproof watches.
  • Are you an adventurer and you like to explore the seabed? Our newsdiving watchConcordiais for you. It is a 30 ATM waterproof watch

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