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Waterproof watch: Understand the waterproofness of my watch

Wrist watch

Between ATM, Waterproof, or simply "airtight watch"It may seem difficult to know how waterproof your watch is, whether our watch is waterproof or not? No worries Team Charlie Paris will reveal the different concepts of waterproofing in order to best protect yourshow man or yourshow woman.

First of all, what is the waterproofing of a watch?

Waterproof quality means something that does not allow liquids or gases to pass.

Inscription ATM refers to the atmosphere. It is calculated during a physical process and makes it possible to determine the pressure that can withstand thewatch. That is to say the pressure that water can exert on the watch.

Attention, the written number does not refer to depth, but to units used for precisely calculate the tightness of your watch.

  • If yourshow manor show womandoes not have any indication of waterproofing: in this case systematically move away from areas of water: this means that your watch is absolutely not waterproof.
  • 3 ATM : This means that your watch supports a few occasional splashes such as hand washing or rain. We therefore advise you to remove it during a shower or a swim so as not to risk damaging it.
  • 5 ATM : Here is ashows much more waterproof. The 5 ATM seal allows your watch to withstand immersions in water. However, if you plan a swim to make sure that it is calm, avoid jumping and diving!
  • 10 ATM : This waterproofing will allow you to enjoy your bathing for a long time without risking fog in your dial.
  • 30 ATM : Watches with this waterproofing are waterproof watches often reserved for scuba diving professionals.


    Our Made in France watches Charlie Paris are all waterproof some more than others like our Concordia diving watchwhich resists more than 30 ATM. Understand the waterproofness of a watchNow that you know more about"waterproofing your watch, here is a short summary of our watches Charlie Parisbased on theirwaterproof quality:

    If you wish wear your watch on a daily basis, you can choose a waterproof watch with 3 and 5 tightness ATM. All our watch models have a waterproofing of at least 3 ATM, be that our watches quartzor ourwatches subscriber trunk dialling. 

    watch woman rose gold

    You want a watch that can accompany you both at work and inholiday? Look at our models Bastille, Aurora or GRour waterproof watches 10 ATM:  

    man waterproof watch

    man watch waterproof

    show etanche

    woman waterproof watch

    Are you an adventurer and enjoy exploring the seabed? Our news plunged watchConcordia is made for you. It is a watchwaterproof 30 ATM

    Waterproof watch 30 ATM - 300 m


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