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Know all about electronic watches

In watchmaking, we hear a lot about manual or automatic winding watches as well as quartz watches, but what is an electronic watch? What are its specificities? No worries, through this article, Team Charlie will show you everything you need to know about electronic watches.

    1. What is an electronic watch?
    2. The mAnalog onbeam
    3. The mDigital onbeam
    4. The mConnected onbeam
    5. The mElectronic watches according to our watch brand Charlie Paris 

    1. What is an electronic watch?

    An electronic watch has a mechanism, or motion, as well as a mechanical watch. It is then referred to as a quartz movement, the operation of which is not generated by the tension of a spring, but by the energy supplied by an electric pile. An electronic watch is then said to be quartz because it contains a thin crystal lamella of this mineral. An electronic watch or quartz watch is a watch which uses an electronic oscillator asserved by a quartz crystal resonator. The oscillation of the quartz gives the rate. This crystal oscillator creates a very precise time signal, so that quartz watches are at least an order of magnitude more precise than the mechanical watches. Quartz is an electronic component that has the property to oscillate according to a stable frequency when it receives electrical stimulation. It is this frequency which serves to provide the necessary time base for the operation of the mechanism of a quartz movement.

    Indeed, quartz has a property called piezoelectric, revealed in 1880 by the Curie brothers. In other words, it is the ability of a material to polarise electrically under the action of a mechanical force. Conversely, this material has the ability to vibrate and oscillate under the action of an electrical tension. The piezo-electric properties of quartz provide very precise oscillation frequencies. This vibration of the quartz is not any, it is exactly 32 768 vibrations in one second. All quartz lamellae present in a Quartz movement vibrate at this frequency. A meter calculates the number of vibrations emitted by the quartz lamella, once this number reaches 32 768 it triggers the advance of the trotteuse of a second and the mechanism of the display of the time in general. The regularity of these vibrations is what allows watches equipped with Quartz movement to be extremely precise. A Quartz motion watch is considered to be less than one second per month.


    2. Analog watch

    An analog watch is a three-needle quartz watch. Indeed, uIs considered to be an analogical watch as soon as it indicates the time by the aid of the movement of the needles on a dial. This allows the user to know the time by moving the needles on the dial, which indicates the time, minutes and seconds. The dial is generalemnet dressed with indexes and numbers that allow the user to read the time easily. Analog display is most commonly used in watchmaking and the most traditional.


    3. Fingerprint

    The real name of a digital watch is a digital watch. And as its name suggests, it gives the hour in the form of numbers. Indeed, the digital watch shows the time directly on the dial in the form of digital digits formed with luminescent diodes, or liquid crystals. Digital display, born around 1975, is another type of display that currently exists on watches. The digital watch to the advantage of reading at one glance. A digital watch provides visibility of the fast time including night and generally offers many functions such as the date or the stopwatch. The digital watch uses most of the time a battery to function, which requires to change it every 2, 3, 4 years.


    4. Connated watch

    The connected watch is recent and is booming at the moment. In 2019, 1.6 million connected watches were sold in France. Connected watches or smart watches are loaded faster than other watches and must be loaded more regularly. Indeed, these watches run on drums like smartphones, so you have to reload them regularly. On average a connected watch offers autonomy between 2 and 16 days according to the models. This low duration of autonomy is, moreover, a brake on the purchase. To give you an order of idea, the watch Samsung Galaxy Watch as the Apple Watch must be recharged every two days, or even daily if they are used continuously. In the best of cases, the connected watches offer thirty days of autonomy, but this remains very rare.

    The connected watch is appreciated for the many features it offers like knowing the weather forecast, paying its shopping without contact, reading its SMS, changing music ... The built-in voice assistant and the ability to insert a Sim card are the most popular features. Unlike the mechanical watches, the connected models are powered by a battery which must be reloaded and which by its nature has a limited lifespan in time. With regard to the lifespan of a connected watch, it dies after three years and it is impossible to repair it.


    5. Electronic watches according to our watch brand Charlie Paris

    Our brand French watch Charlie Paris offers electronic watches for women and men. The design of our electronic watches is sober, pure and elegant. We offer models of quartz watches or sports. Discover our models of electronic watches ...


    Our Men's quartz watches :

    • The Bastille watch model is a city watch for men, with a strong and timeless design. The Bastille for Man exists in blue, green, black or white. This watch plays on contrasts of textures and shapes. You will find polished steel on the bezel and the bottom, but brushed on the horns and the slice, with a rounded dial and well-trenaded horns for a scraped design. This electronic watch has good quality materials such as sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel.
    • If you are looking for a man's quartz watch with both elegant and sporty design, the Chronograph Horizon is ideal. Designed, designed and assembled in France, the chronograph man exists with a blue, black or white dial. Its 40mm diameter housing for a little less than a centimetre in thickness makes it very well proportioned for a male wrist. On the dial, we have affixed sharp chromed indexes to 12, 3, 6 and 9h as well as indicators between each second to give a sporting aspect to the watch.

    Our Electronic watches for women :

    • Our Sully city watch is a true summary of elegance and femininity. This small electronic watch delicately dresses women's wrists. With its 30mm diameter case, the Sully is a thin watch. To affirm the identity of this model, we wanted to give it harmonious and refined shapes with a very discreet bezel, an open dial and pretty hour and minute hands in leaf shape. The trotter brings a touch of modernity to the ensemble. The Sully electronic watch has a champagne-coloured dial and comes in gold pink and silver versions. This women's city watch is customizable thanks to itsinterchangeable watch straps. The Sully can take on different styles, a Milanese mesh strap gives a vintage, retro feel, and a leather strap gives a more classic style to the watch.
    • The Aurora waterproof watch is our women's electronic sports watch. The Aurora with its 316L steel strap has the advantage of adapting to everyday situation. Sporty and elegant with its feminine lines, this women's electronic watch accompanies you throughout the year.

    All our watches are customizable thanks to their interchangeable bracelet system. Discover our French watches and find the women's or men's electronic watch made for you!

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    Electronic watch