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Article: Ecological watch: the key to ecological responsibility in watchmaking

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Ecological watch: the key to ecological responsibility in watchmaking

Both practical and aesthetic, the watch is an essential object of our daily life. But it is also meaningful, in fact, when we buy a watch, we buy an object but also the whole universe and the values it carries. And ecology can have an important place. At Charlie Paris, we are convinced that we must have a committed and responsible approach. But what is an "ecological" watch? Team Charlie Paris gives you its opinion on the subject.

Eco-responsible watch, a second hand watch

The fact of producing any product requires energy and therefore raw materials and therefore necessarily pollutes the planet. If we think about the manufacturing of our steel hands, if we take the whole chain, it requires dozens of people and hundreds of machines for their manufacture. So, according to us, an ecological watch is a second hand watch, a watch that has already been produced and used. This is what we consider to be the most ecological. If you are looking to buy the most ecological watch possible, you can buy a watch that has already been produced on the second hand market like on Leboncoin, Vinted or Chrono24 for example. In recent years, the market for second-hand luxury watches has grown significantly. 

Eco-responsible watch, a watch that lasts in time

A watch is a piece of jewelry that you like to give to your loved ones or to yourself and it usually has a great sentimental value. A second-hand watch may not necessarily meet your expectations if you are looking for a watch to give on a very special occasion.

In our opinion, an ecological watch should be above all a watch that lasts over time. A watch that you can keep for years. Both through the quality of its components and its design that must be able to withstand the years. Based on the principle that producing/buying a new watch pollutes, it is better to buy a beautiful watch that you will keep for a long time than to buy a cheap watch of lesser quality every year.

Note that to keep a watch for a long time it is important to take care of it, we have written an article on this subject.

The initiatives of our watch brand in favor of the environment

At Charlie Paris, we are committed to taking eco-responsible initiatives in order to have a positive impact on a daily basis, both socially and environmentally. But nothing is perfect, that's why we present you today our different responsible actions with a lot of sobriety and humility.

  • Made in France watches: All our Charlie Paris watches, for men and women, are designed and assembled locally in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. 
  • A controlled and sustainable production model: At Charlie Paris, we develop mainly direct, without intermediaries, so that everything is produced as accurately as possible, without overproduction with a balance between permanent collections and very limited editions. And we invest more and more in the quality and durability of our products while maintaining affordable prices.
  • Interchangeable straps: In line with our eco-responsible approach, we offer interchangeable straps on all our French watches. You can choose our blue nylon watchstrap or choose a Milanese mesh strap to match the color of your watch. For the leathers, we work mainly with vegetable tanned leather which is more respectful of the environment.
  • We have also developed an eco-friendly packaging: Our boxes are manufactured by a partner certified ISO14001 which guarantees an efficient and environmental management of the company. They are made from recycled cardboard, ABS which is a recyclable polymer and with solvent-free glue. They are then transported by boat which is the most ecological way of transportation. The paper we use is FSC certified on our packaging to ensure that the production of the wood respects the procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.
  • We also offer to recycle your watches while supporting people in need. Indeed, we participate in the circular economy so that used watches do not contribute to accelerate pollution but on the contrary are recovered to be used differently.  With our partner EcoTempo, we offer you a simple way to recycle your used watches. There is still a lot to do but we are delighted to be part of this movement for change.

As far as watches are concerned, we have developed over the years collections of watches with movements that are in our eyes more ecological:

  • The inevitable mechanical watch which is an ecological and sustainable product because to function it uses the energy created by its owner when he wears it. 

  • A collection of solar watches. These watches for men and women work thanks to the energy of the sun which is captured thanks to photovoltaic sensors, installed under the dial. A few hours of sunlight can charge the battery for several weeks. 

Eco-responsible innovations in watchmaking

Eco-responsibility is a direction that companies are progressively taking and ecology has started to invest the watch market for some time. Different types of eco-friendly watches are being developed and some brands are making watch cases and straps from recycled plastic or wood. Some watches use bio-based materials such as castor beans for their watch faces and cases. Other companies choose to donate a percentage of their sales to environmental associations.  If at Charlie Paris we have not (yet) taken this type of initiative, we are aware and happy that actions are evolving in the right direction. Nevertheless, we try to move forward every day keeping in mind the impact we can have on society and the ecological actions we can take.   

In conclusion, the watch industry's primary concerns are changing as consumers, and in particular Millennials, increasingly want brands that are committed to the environment. However, a paradox remains: few consumers who claim to be sensitive to eco-responsible products act in this direction at the time of purchase. The real challenge today is to reduce the gap between intention and action!

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