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Time, the international atomic age, the universal age, what is this?

UTC Time, International Atomic Time, Universal Time What is it? -Charlie Paris

What are UTC time, atomic time and universal time?

Us time This is the global benchmark time. It identifies itself by installing about 500 atomic clocks in 70 laboratories around the world. UTC time replaced the time at Greenwich meridian in 1982 time +0 is still the time in Greenwich time zone. Therefore, the time in each time zone is relative totimePage: 1 In fact, UTC time is a mixture of scientists from the international atomic age and world time.

What is the international atomic age?

International Atomic Time is the time scale of one second. It was established by 13 countries in 1967third International Conference on weights and measuresOne second will be "equivalent to 9 192 631 770 radiation cycles, equivalent to the transition from two super precision states of cesium 133 atom to another super precision state".

For simplicityThe frequency of cesium 133 atom is 9 192 631 770 Hz, which makes the atomic energy change the energy state. The time between the energy states F3 and F4 of cesium 133 is exactly one second.

The advantage of atomic clocks is that they are Special precisionResearchers even develop an atomic clock with an accuracy of less than a second every 150 billion years!

this Thai By soundInternational Federation of weights and measuresPage: 1 It reflects an average of 500 atomic clocks worldwide. However, the solar system is used differently because it does not take into account the time of the earth's rotation in a day.

But what role do you play in the definition of UTC time?

World time This is an improved version of Greenwich mean time. You are also a measure of time, except that this is not an atomic measurement, but a measurement of the rotation of the earth. The ground rotation is not stable Under the influence of red, earthquake or other earthquakes, it may slow down (...).

What about the UTC time in the middle? Page: 1

UTC time It's a two-hour mixture that puts the sun at Greenwich's longitude, around 12 o'clock. The second second second of UTC time is the same as the second second second of Tai time. Just to find the UTC time, we reduce or add the whole second second to Tai, so that the difference between Tai and Tai is less than 0.9s.


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