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Solar watch, unlimited autonomy

Our solar watch works thanks to the energy of the sun. Thanks to its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, its autonomy is unlimited.

Solar watch

Solar watch: a durable watch for everyday wear

As the name suggests, the solar watch runs on energy from the sun. Solar watches, like battery-powered watches, are watches which use a thin strip of quartz. The latter is traditionally put into oscillation under the impulse of an electric battery, but in the case of a solar watch, the impulse given to this quartz strip comes not from the battery but from the energy resulting from the radiation. solar. Unlike the automatic watch, photovoltaic sensors are installed under the watch face in order to capture this energy and convert it into electrical energy which will then be stored in a battery so that the watch operates continuously. The precision of a solar watch is similar to that of a quartz watch ie a difference of a few seconds per month but the advantage of this watch is that the battery never needs to be changed. To recharge the battery of a solar watch to its maximum, you must expose it to the sun for 5 hours, this will allow the watch to function for several weeks. Otherwise, exposure to the sun for five to ten minutes per day is enough for the watch to run nonstop. A solar watch is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional quartz watches because the battery does not need to be changed every 2 years. It also has an autonomy of several months which is not negligible if we compare this power reserve with that of an automatic watch which is more of the order of a few days.


The Charlie Paris solar watch

At Charlie Paris, we are committed to offering creations that are at the same time beautiful, sustainable, accessible and inspiring. One of the most difficult balancing points to find is between durability and accessibility, which is why we are happy to count among all Charlie Paris watches, the Solaire watch. The Charlie Paris solar watch is a durable and accessible watch that accompanies men and women on a daily basis. In other words, a watch that stands up to life and that involves selecting the right materials. For our case we have therefore chosen to use 316L steel which has the particularity of being stainless and we use sapphire crystal which is almost unbreakable and scratch resistant. Our solar watch has a water resistance level of 5ATM, so you can live everyday with your watch with peace of mind for many, many years. The Solaire Charlie Paris watch is designed, designed and assembled in France. This watch with a design that is both classic and contemporary, is capable of surviving the years. The Charlie Paris solar watch is available in steel and rose gold, with a white or blue dial. With a white dial, this watch offers indexes and with a blue dial the time can be read thanks to the numbers numbered from 1 to 12. Sober, fine and mixed, this collection incorporates the signature elements of our other city watch collections such as leaf-shaped hands, the blue second hand or the slim bezel. A subtle balance between timelessness and modernity.


A watch that adapts to the rhythm of your desires

At Charlie Paris, the solar watch is a men's watch and wife. It can take on different appearances according to your desires thanks to its interchangeable strap system. Easy to handle, this type of watch allows you to change the style, material, and color of your strap as you wish. You can thus opt for different interchangeable strap materials such as Milanese mesh, rawhide, grained leather, ostrich leather, nylon and many more. As for the colors, black and brown as well as the steel color will be excellent basics that are easy to match, but you can also opt for more daring models by choosing a color such as a red, burgundy or terracotta watch strap. . For a retro or vintage style on your wrist, choose a Milanese mail bracelet in silver or rose gold color. Pink gold will add a jewel side to your watch. As for the leather strap, it adds a touch of elegance to your watch like our iconic brown leather strap. As a result, your solar watch can adapt to both days and evenings, you just have to choose the strap that will be most suited to the occasion, the season or even the look you want to create. .

Do not hesitate to discover the solar watch according to Charlie Paris and other models from watches for women or men. The opportunity to offer you a high-quality accessory that you can customize as you wish and keep for many years.