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Solar watch : 5 reasons to adopt it

You surely know mechanical watches and quartz watches, but do you know solar watches? These watches, like battery-powered watches, are watches that use a thin strip of quartz.For several years, we have developed our collection of mechanical watches which, without any electronic component and operating with our own energy, are the most ecological. Only these watches belong to a higher price range. Our desire with this solar collection was to be able to offer you a durable and more accessible watch. But why choose a solar watch? In this article, we give you 5 reasons to adopt a solar watch.


Here are the Top 5 reasons to choose and adopt a Solar watch: 

1 - The ecological aspect: A solar watch is above all an ecological watch. Indeed with this type of watch you will no longer need to change the battery in your watch every two years. Solar watches are completely autonomous, they use energy from solar radiation, free, unlimited and renewable energy. This energy is transformed into electricity which is then stored in a battery. The latter has a lifespan of approximately 25 years.

2 - Its precision: A solar watch is a watch that operates by oscillating a quartz strip (like watches that run on batteries). So solar watches are extremely precise like Quartz watches. We consider that they shift on average by one second per month

Do not know what are the differences between a Quartz watch and an automatic watch? Don't worry, the Charlie Paris team explains everything to you in an article on our blog.

3 - A unique technology, a unique watch: The solar watch is a watch in its own right, a unique watch. It is rare these days that you come across someone who owns a watch powered by solar energy. This type of watch allows us to get out of the dichotomy between quartz watch and automatic watch. The solar watch is a real alternative to these two types of movement.

4 - Its autonomy: A solar watch does not need to be worn on a daily basis to function (unlike automatic watches). Exposure of your watch to the sun for 5 hours is enough to recharge its battery to its maximum. It will function quite normally for 3 - 4 months. By wearing it almost daily, your watch will be constantly charged.

5 - Its practicality: The solar watch is a practical watch: no need to go to a watchmaker to change the battery every two years. But you don't have to wear it every day for it to work either!

If you don't know exactly how a solar watch works,discover our article on the specifics of this type of watch. Qwhether they arewatchesautomatic, quartz watches or solar watches, tall nbonewatches are drawn, designed and assembled in France with high quality components.

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