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perfumed candle made in france

Our candles made in France

On the occasion of our relocation to 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6ème, we wanted to share with you our love for this beautiful district through a collection of perfumed candles manufactured in France.
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Nouvelle adresse 53 rue Saint André des Arts, paris 6ème

New address 53 rue Saint André des Arts, paris 6th

We moved to 53 rue Saint-André des Arts, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.
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Atelier de fabrication de notre maroquinerie en Espagne

Workshop for the manufacture of our leather goods in Spain

It is in the heart of Andalusia, in the small town of Ubrique, that our partner leather goods workshop is established.
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show steel 316L

316L steel: What are its specificities ?

Steelis a metal alloy made mainly of iron but also of carbon.
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Recyclez vos anciennes montres avec notre partenaire Ecotempo

Recycle your old watches with our partner Ecotempo

We participate in the circular economy, so that used watches do not help to accelerate pollution but on the contrary are valued for use differently.
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vegetable tanning shows

Vegetable tanning vs chrome tanning: pros and cons

What are the differences between these two tanning techniques? For more than half of our bracelets we use vegetable tanned leather.
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2020: rendons le monde plus beau et meilleur

2020: making the world more beautiful and better

A wonderful year 2020 from all the Charlie team! This beginning of the year is an opportunity for us to share with you our mission: to make the world more beautiful and better.
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Journée de lancement de notre sac Signature

Launch day of our Signature bag

Picture back on the launch day of our Signature Bag. Thank you for coming so many.

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Signature, notre premier pas dans la maroquinerie

Signature, our first step in leather goods

As with our watches, we have sought to offer you a bag with a design that is both sober, unique and remarkable.
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Automatic watch movement

Automatic movement of a watch: How does it work?

Automatic mechanical movements, use wheels and springs to operate through kinetic energy. That is, the energy a body possesses because of its movement.
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5 ans - Nouveau slogan -

5 years-New slogan - "The most beautiful is the future"

Five years ago we started the Charlie adventure, a new chapter will open.We founded Charlie with the simple idea of making the watches that we dreamed of ...
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Soirée de retour de Matthieu Tordeur en Antarctique

Matthieu Tordeur returns to Antarctica

Back in pictures on the evening of Matthieu Tordeur's return to Antarctica that we organized at Evaneos.
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A la conquête de l'Antarctique avec Matthieu Tordeur

A la conquête de l'Antarctique avec Matthieu Tordeur

L'aventurier Matthieu Tordeur a réalisé l'expédition de toute une vie, la traversée de l'Antarctique en autonomie totale sur près de 1150km.
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Miyota 9015 Movement

Understanding the Miyota 9015 movement

Founded in 1918, Citizen is a Japanese company internationally recognized for the robustness and reliability of its movements ...

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chrysoline of gastines

Meeting with Chrysoline de Gastine, the director of Balzac Paris

On the occasion of our collaboration withBalzac PariS, we went to the meeting of Chrysoline de Gastines, co-founder and artistic director of the brand.
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montre design

Inspiration and design of a watch Charlie

For our first drawings, we draw inspiration from our surroundings, our friends, our meetings in Paris and our travels.
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Interview des architectes de notre boutique Hugues et Paul

Interview des architectes de notre boutique Hugues et Paul

Pour cette interview, nous sommes allés à la rencontre de deux personnalités inspirantes, Hugues de Blignières et Paul Jacquet, les deux architectes sont à l'origine de notre première boutique 26 rue Pastourelle. 
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Fabrication de nos bracelets en cuir d'autruche

Making our ostrich leather bracelets

Our partner combines authenticity, precision equipment and creativity to offer unique pieces.
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Assemblage d'une montre Charlie en France, les différentes étapes

Assembling a Charlie watch in France, the various stages

At Charlie Paris, the assembly of each of our watches is carried out in our partner workshops in France.
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The most beautiful is the future