How to clean a watch strap?

Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre ?

Cleaning a watch strap is an important step that contributes to the longevity of your watch.

The choice of materials, the acidity of your skin, the climate and of course the frequency with which you wear your watch are all influencing factors. Just like your watch, it is therefore important to take the greatest care of your straps and to clean them regularly.

Through this article we will see:

  • How to clean a steel watch band

  • How to clean a leather watch strap

  • How to clean a nylon / fabric watch band


How to clean a stainless steel watch strap?

To shine and cleaning a steel watch band, you need very few tools. A soft bristle brush or a soft cloth and soap are sufficient.

1 - Dampen your soft bristle brush or soft cloth,

2 - Add soap to your soft bristle brush or soft cloth,

3 - Gently rub your bracelet,

4 - Rinse your bracelet with plenty of clear water,

5 - Dry your bracelet with a soft, dry cloth

At Charlie Paris we offer interchangeable watches and bracelets like our bracelets made of 316L steel or our Milanese steel and rose gold mesh bracelets.  


How to clean a leather watch strap?

For clean your leather watch band, you will only need two soft cloths and a little soap (optional).


1 - Using a soft cloth, dust off your leather strap before cleaning it.

2 - Dampen your soft cloth with a little water. You can add a little soap if you want. However, if you add soap, use very little so as not to damage the leather of your bracelet.

3 - Gently brush your bracelet using the slightly damp soft cloth to degrease your bracelet. Ideally, you should clean your bracelet on the inside and outside, of course paying particular attention to the seams.

4 - Dry your bracelet using a soft dry cloth.

5 - Let your bracelet air dry at room temperature.


At Charlie Paris, we offer you interchangeable watch straps smooth, raw, grained, vegetable tanned, lizard leather and also ostrich leather.


How do I clean a nylon / fabric strap?

Forclean a nylon / fabric strap, you can proceed as follows:

1 - Moisten the area to be cleaned or the entire bracelet,

2 - Clean your bracelet with white soap or Marseille soap,

3 - Rub your bracelet with your finger or a small brush,

4 - Quickly dry your bracelet with a cloth,

5 - Let your bracelet air dry


Our sports, waterproof or even diving watches are most often associated with a nylon strap. However, thanks to our interchangeable straps you can give a more elegant appearance to your watch by associating it with a leather strap for example.


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