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Women's Automatic Watch: More than a fashion accessory, a real gem

Very popular with watch enthusiasts, the automatic watch is attracting more and more people, including women. Unlike a quartz watch, the movement of an automatic watch requires much longer and more careful work. The automatic watch is a watch that can be kept for many years if you take care of it. Just like a piece of jewelry, a watch very often has sentimental value. In this article, we will see why it is necessary to adopt the automatic watch for women.

  1. The automatic women's watch: a functional and trendy jewel
  2. Monter automatic woman: a jewel that brings you into the realm of mechanics
  3. Women's automatic watches, by Charlie Paris


1. The automatic women's watch: a functional and trendy jewel

While originally the watch was mainly used to tell the time, today with the development of new technologies, it has become a real fashion accessory, even a real watchmaking jewel. If at first glance we often associate the automatic watch with a very thick watch, this type of watch can very well be associated with a real watchmaking jewel for women. The cogs and the complexity of its movement can perfectly dress the wrists of women with elegance and femininity. At Charlie Paris, we believe that the automatic watch is a true refined jewel for men and women. We wanted to revisit this great watch classic by offering you different models of automatic watches with or without several horological complications. More specifically, our automatic watches for womenare refined and feminine so that you can wear them every day like a real jewel.


2. Women's automatic watch: a jewel that brings you into the realm of mechanics

The automatic watch is a type of watch that is much loved and sought after by collectors. An automatic watch for women adds a touch of femininity to all your outfits. At Charlie pris, we wanted to offer you the possibility to change the style of watch and adapt it to all your outfits and your desires. For this, we offer on all our watches interchangeable bracelets. It is thanks to a flash pump system that you can change your bracelet very easily, according to the seasons and your desires!

The automatic watch is therefore a real jewel that gives you access to the wonderful world of mechanics and our bracelets allow you to add your personal touch to all your outfits.


3. Women's automatic watches, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, quality is very important to us, which is why we use 316L steel for the case of our watches and sapphire crystal, which is very resistant and scratch-resistant. Designed and assembled in France, our Initial 36 automatic watch for women Charlie Paris is timeless and elegant. More ecological than a quartz watch, the Initial 36 is an invitation to slow down and enjoy every moment. This automatic watch winds itself thanks to the movements of your wrist, a timepiece that is appreciated for its technical aspect and its details.

The Initial 36 Automatic Watch is an ideal watch to wear if this is your first automatic watch. On the back of the watch is fixed a transparent back which offers the possibility of appreciating all the complexity of this jewel. Available in rose gold or steel, this feminine watch with clean lines and delicate curves will accompany you for many years to come.

If you appreciate the details of the movement of an automatic watch, our Initial Open Heart watch will allow you to appreciate all the complexity of an automatic watch. Refined and elegant, this timeless yet contemporary watch lets you glimpse the movement mechanism of your watch, at the level of the dial. This intricate piece of jewelry is available in silver or rose gold color. Once the choice of color is made, you just have to choose a bracelet adapted to your outfit, for a harmonious whole. We offer leather bracelets, in different materials and colors, ideal for an elegant outfit. For a vintage style, opt for our Milanese mesh bracelets. Steel watches and Milanese mesh bracelets are best if you want to swim, we also offer waterproof watches for women.

Beyond automatic watches, we offer other types of watches for women like the quartz watches. If you like them rose gold watches for women, we offer pink gold watches for women signed Charlie Paris. We invite you to visit our site to discover our automatic watches for women and the different combinations of straps possible!

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